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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~home sweet home~

long time no see~~!!biase la baru balik dari cuti..at home i have lotsa assignment to do.hehe tp xsiap pn..biase la tu :) byk bejalan2 while seeking for baju raye at every store in kelantan is one of the reason i cant finish doing my homework. hahaha wink*wink*..sadly, my green baju kurung where i bought it with my family received soo much complaint..huhuhu i memang xpandai pilih baju pn..xpe la at least i do buy one for me..da anta kat my aunt suh die jahit..on friday i came to kl with katakcute a.k.a katakcute, bibik and our faithful driver..hehehhe
erm. nothing to write just wanna tell u ols that i love my hometown, especially my home and of cos my parents..daaa