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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~party timeZ~

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to emma
happy birthday to you~~!!

"birthday" song for ms pinky!!sweet 20th.lots and lots and lots of thanks to prettyinpink for her generousity (betul ke eja ni? huhu)..she got a big cake from her mom in law..hahaha who is that?guess...its indulgence guys~~!!hahahha so delicious..katakcute and miss prettyinpink masak meehoon utk ktorg..i juz tlg tgk n bg comment je..well, i kan big boss or maam besar in this house..hahaha friends from the twinning program in "cemara" also invited to the party..hehehe dorang la yg memeriahkan party ney..janji kol 5.30 kol 6 lbey baru sampai..hurm..yot, tot, sot mmg ar come to our house pn nk kena mekap..ntah pape ar :) especially tot..!hahaha
yot mmg makan byk..tu facts yg xleh diubah..hahha kurus kering tp eat soo much..hehehe
my "sambal kicap" is one of the favourite dish that day..memang "mangancam" abeh ar..yot n tot selaku watak utama dlm cite ni asyik dok disturbing sot je..poor her~~!!nk mkn byk sket pn xbleh..nk humble sket pn xleh..yot yot~~