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Sunday, September 07, 2008

~leiden: a memoir_hlovate~

ermm thanks to katakcute for interviewing hlovate books..
aA + bB n Tunas..
havent started read Tunas yet..but aA + bB done!wawawa
2 thumbs up to hlovate for the novel..~~!!
love Addin n Benz sooooo damn much!
adore 'em too!one is an engineer and the other one is a doctor..
they can be my idol~~yeah!
Benz is soooo handsome+romantic+kepala ferum=PERFECT!!..at least his character make me guess that>>
he loves Addin a.k.a ME~~!!!!!

will continue again next time :)

~ONE Utama is really ONE~!!

assalamualaikum w.b.t to all muslims and muslimah ere~..
wanna share with u ol's memorable memories that we have gone through yesterday (sept,05,2008) my housemates, juz the three of us (miss katak yg xbape cute, miss prettyinpink and me,the beauty among all~thats for sure~~!!)hahaha pst..pssst xbaik riak bulan puasa neh ^_^
we went to OU..kalu xtaw tu for sure this must be the first time u heard people talk about it..hahhaha OU stand for the enormous One Utama shopping complex located in Damansara Utama..a.k.a place where pocketful of money people go to shop ;) really??
guess so...
me, as usual and casual as always juz wear made-in-Japan slipper (kt atas tu dia tulis Adidas, tp it costs me only $10~so i called it jApan made slipper) haha~~..
dont get me wrong~~!!its not just the three of us but also with our Cemara twins (as what miss prettyinpink call them) twin sampai 10 org skali..hehehe meriah~~~!!

before sampai OU, we thought we had lost sbb xsama cam wat in karl's map-doing.. katakcute decide to follow her instinct and i believe her..we continue the trip jgk and finally we see OU~~~!!!there girls! instinct can lead you to something right..believe it!its proven.

betul la org kt the more the merrier..even fidot yg syg giler kt her money, chot yg i xbape close n sot yg always wit wawa pn join the crowd..heh~~!!bagus2..moral_being with girls~friends is something more fun than wit boys~hehe+haha=hahehaheha
as now is ramadhan al-mubarak month, we dun have to worry bout food and drinks,,maybe tht is one of the reason y fidot consider to spend her time wit us..hahaha jgn marah ye mama mia ;)
yot n sot wear the same shirt's colour=red..ala-ala twin gitu :O) cam staff kt Jusco pn de gak dorang tuh :)))) hahahhaha

hurm the best part is we watched 4 different movies!! guess how we manage to watch all of 'em??hahaha pecah kepala pikir pn wouldn't find the answer..hehehehe (impossible dude!)
let me explain= yot+sot+tot watched Dance of the dream..me+prettyinpink+fydot watched The ghost house..katakcute+chot watched Deception and adah+ara(hehe cam vim lak) watched The dark night.. there goes four movies..hehehe got it??
Mph is of course the first place we (me+fydot+emot haha) went to visit..hehe i grabbed New York Minute which is only rm3!haha tanpa berfikir pjg i amik la..murah3~~!!
kami doesnt join 'em play bowling, xpandai la lgpn malas nk abehkan duet..hehehe

lekat pulak badi fydot neh kt i...lol~!!

only adah shop there ") she bought 2 jeans and 2 shirts + tropicana life bagpack!
her aim memang nk shopping there :) no wonder la..

i like OU cos of the touch-screen directory..canggih! want to find anything jus touch situ, touch sini dah jumpe ") isn't that great? hehe mmg first time i jumpe that 'thing' pn..hehe
kt situ got two cinemas=TGV & GSC..the difference is only the price.TGV is cheaper $1 than GSC..happy la fydot sbb dia lg jimat $1 than others yg watched movie kt GSC..hurm macam2 :)

we buka puasa kt sn.my food and drink costs $7.40..yot+tot+sot berkareoke d'jamban..hahha
last of ol, i only spend $22.5o for book+movie+dishes!!haha proud of myself~~!!lalalalala anyway, lain kali kami akan sampai lg ke OU..insyaAllah~~>>

for people out there, spend your valuable time with your friends cos you wouldn't regret that!
wink**wink**!!adios querida~!!