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Sunday, October 19, 2008

~~story-telling rock!!~~

on 16th of Oct, we have performed a story-telling in SK saujana impian..
all of us felt nervous as this is the first time we will be performing in front of a real pupils in a real classroom!huhuhuh grup aku wat story pasal alien..named Flerg act by Abu manap a.k.a anip che pa...and me, of cos be a lead of the story, Capt. Gamma..wink*wink* well, they want me to be him..so what to say..(i'm good la tu) hahhaha
sampai kt skol tu, we were impressed..mmg suasana skolah yg cukup ideal utk belajar la..penuh ngn kt2 semangat, cls pn tersusun ngn baik..pupils pn have good manner..wah thats what makes me so enthusiastic to become a teacher...lolz!(not-so-ready)..kami diinformkn utk perform in front of year 6 students but alhamdulillah ms ktorg melangkah masuk ke dewan saujana tu xla ramai sgt student..dlm 40 jer..ok la.my group was the 2nd..i'm so nervous as ms grup first tu bdk2 cm xbg reponse sgt, maybe sbb jauh dr stage n suara xbape kuat..but when it comes to my group, dorg sume cam pay attention la cos maybe of the creative props (thanks to kechik, abu n bahak) and my loud n clear voice projection (proved by Mdm. Shanti)..hehhe syukur skali lg (^_^)
best la ngn dorg..sume baik2 n pandai2..i mean yela dorg leh understand la of wat we want to say..kalu suh nyanyi dorg nyanyi..they helped us a lot..miss 'em!waaa waaa
last tu de mjlis penutup.headmistress pn de gak..then sesi amik gmbr ramai2..
after dat, prepare to go back to maktab la..we went back at around 1pm..
i have so much fun wit the children..maybe thats the teacher-feelings in me...
a big big thankful to anip, hazwan n syafiq..without u ol maybe i could not do better...