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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~the end of LDV~

finally......it comes to an end..i mean i do have one exam tomorrow but u know today i felt like all the burden i have contract these past few days goes like a wind..hahaha..right now i just want to sleep and sleep and sleep for hours to replace back my burning the midnight oil tyme...tapi ntahla knp agaknye aku ni da de symptoms of insomnia kot..ngantuk n letih badan tp xleh nak lelapkan mate pn...huhuhu the minor reason i could not sleep is because i am still wearing my contact lens..
i would like to tell u my situation in the class when i was answering LDV questions.. i have to answer 4 out of 6 questions which is only 5 marks each..the essay that i have to write is so long yet we only get 5 marks for that..for example, communicative competence. there are 4 items that we need to elaborate..sakit tgn saye menulisnye...huhuhuuuu...but overall puas ati la sbb sume bley jawab ngn tenang wlpn ade seciput yg aku mnx tulun toyol...hhahhaa buntu sat yg interactionism tuh so xley nak watpe la...heheheh shhh shhh keep it as a secret ok :p

i hope to get an A for this subject but after tolak tambah bahagi n darab ngn markah esaimen together with quizzes, i think it is rather difficult for me to get an A...but the things that i am sure miss prettyinpink will get A's..as usual..well,she is our 'little' mentor...hehhe...mybeloved mama, miss fydot pn..thanks a lot for posting the essays in your blog...u helped me a lot....i love u mama....!!!

need to qada' my sleep...huwarrrggggghhhh~~!!start menguap da ni...daaaa

xoxo, gossip girl


アフイダ said...

tahniaah .. semoga berjaya.. jn lupe sy kalu dh berjaya nanti.. hmmm..