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Thursday, November 27, 2008

~my pri[N]c[E]- n[O]t-so-c[H]armin[G[~

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luke mably Pictures, Images and Photos

finally...............dapat jugak aku tgk cite yg da lame sgt aku jatuh hati on the first sight lg.The Prince & Me by Julia Stiles and the handsome Luke Mably(gggrrr how i wish i have a boyfriend as gorgeous as he is!)
look at his eyes!its so mesmerizing!!oooo how have i fallen in love with him....dush!dush!dush!
wake up my dear!wake up!don't dream in the evening..hahaha
ok2 LoveIsPurple, back to reality.. :)))


kyox said...

aik tiru nama aku ke?wakakaka

LoveIsPurple said...

hahahhaha..yela teh :) ko kn prince not so charming aku...kuang3