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Monday, December 22, 2008

Both Clamourous News+Advices

hi..hye..hiyaa..OMG, I miss U so much!after u left me just like that for as long as two days, my life has been sorrow and sullen, mostly i felt lonely. i could not describe how much u have affected my daily life. everytime i looked in this small room, i recall all of our memories, our sweet time together.now, u back.i can show how deep my feeling is for you.

oh my dear-dear blog, i miss u like hell!thanks for coming back for me.
u have brighten up my life again.

do u know what is the clamourous TV show right now? Yeah, u are right! live outcast of Mawi and Ekin Big (besar sgt ke?) Day..!huh! I'm not that irritate with Mawi's wife, Ekin, u know she is beautiful, tall, fair, and also seems nice.the problem is with the guy. I used to like him before.u know in the popular reality TV Show that time, he looked innocent and down-to-earth person.however, after he had won the reality show, he seems proud and snob.Mawi ni kan...Mawi tu kan....haahhaa..heehehe hee haa hua hua hua (I know I have no right to talk bad about him cos I don't know him, haven't met him even for once, but we people do talk, right?....guys,...are u with me?...)

wait a minute...!

am I one of the people who like to think negatively of others??No, i'm not!
I shouldn't have thrown the 'angel' ring on my head to replace it with an 'evil' horn!!!!

I think i better stop typin' now. it doesn't benefit me at all.they have married, haven't they?
so, people, dont think bad of other people.we should show our love instead of showing hate agree?,

psst..psst...if we want others to respect us, we have to learn to respect 'em first.stop the 'bad-bad talk' okay?
we want what girls? World Peace!
make our World a better place..

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