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Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Or Bad?

haven't told U that my parents and younger bro have been off to KL for two days.they will be home at 4.00-5.00 a.m this morning. they went to KL just to see my sister's new apartment..what a loving parent they are,kiss..kiss...muah! muah! muah!..they wanted to see how is their daughter's life in KL, what she eats, where and how she lives. me? of course they have came to my house..!no bias and jealousy here, okay...!

hurm..as they went to "cuti-cuti", me, as an eldest child in the house will hold a responsibility to take care of my younger bro..ss and my beautiful house as well. the first question that appear in my mind was what will my brother eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and don't forget, supper??!! what am I gonna cook??have u ever cross your mind and think how expert am I in cooking??someone hold me, I felt like fainted.

however, i tried to stay calm and relax. after my parents fly off to KL, i asked my bro to go to Tesco.in my head right now, i need lots of fast food.with RM100 that my father gave, we spend only rm24.hehe.not so much to buy actually.just grab a packet of Red Hot Chicken Crispy and Crinkle Cut Fringles.off we home.

[1st Day]
I woke 'em up at 7 am to perform Subuh Prayer.I went to sleep again(after prayer, of course)!
They woke me up at 9 am cos we planned to play bowling today. i went to the kitchen and start cooking the Chicken Crispy which we have bought the night before for the breakfast.they all ate it all up and I know they were full.so, i did quite well.heee...
went off to play bowling.back home at 4.15 pm.i performed my prayer first.decide what to cook.came up with 'udang goreng', 'selar kuning goreng' and 'telur mata'.haha. one standing ovation for me as I realized that cooking was not that difficult or tiredsome but could be so interesting and fun.though I cooked what were the most easiest dishes, i felt satisfied cos I received no comments.I could say that they loved it!
my cousin came.he said he haven't ate.OMG, what should i do?what left to cook?thankfully, there's rice left in the cooker.i found a packet of 'perencah nasi goreng' and i gave it a try.with the helped of my bro, I managed to switch off the Oku San No and gave the fried rice to Abe.for the supper, i steamed 'pau kacang merah' from Tesco.fuhh, everyone sleeps well.

[Last Day]
woke up at 9.30 am.take a bath.picked all the 'busuk-busuk' clothes and washed 'em.my bro have prepared Chinese Fried Rice (again?!) for us.at least, he have done my part.thank U, my dear bro.the day continued as usual.watching tv, suft the Net, washed and basked clothes, swept the floor, slept.at about 6 pm, I think I will make sardine+telur dadar for the dinner.that will be tasty!the process of making the sardine wouldn't be explained here cos I asked my mother how to make it.hehe.malunyerrr!bwat sardin pn xpandai ker??for supper, the fringles and chicken crispy together with 'air milo' have been served.(cehh, cam kat hotel jer)

well, tomorrow my mum will be back.wish 'em a safe journey.whether I am a good daughter or not, I left it for you to decide.
with that, the case closed.Good Night!