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Sunday, December 07, 2008

~what is so special with home?~

assalamualaikum w.b.t and good night to all da readers.

~home sweet home~

i bet u all always heard, see this famous parable right?Right??yes!
i, myself have seen this interesting parable since i was in kindergarten.u know... it was pasted in front of the class and i could assure u the font is SO BIG!i dont really bother that parable actually.kids, u know!as i was getting mature and grown up, i began to wonder why being at home is sweet.although i am already 20(next year i will be 21, OMG,i"m getting older, nay!)..ok2 a bit overeacting here, i know.lol!i am not really sure why homes or houses or bungalows or mansions or ecetra ecetra are the sweetest among all of other places.
hurm..let we all think of it..

ok, stop.put your pencil down and stop writing.ENOUGH OF THINKING TIME,guys!

do u get the answer, my brothers and sisters?u do?owh, u dont?
well, i choose the latter. i am not sure whether i have benefitted the thinking time or not cause it was short.i need a long time to think.i have to sleep to think.hahaha.


i can describe it as a place to live, a place to protect ourselves from hot and cold of the outside world, a place to sleep, a place to be when holiday comes.
those are the answers i, myself could think of.buttt....
guys, is that all?if is that all to describe why home is the sweetest place to be, i doubt it.
are u on my side?then what is the most convincing answer for this simple question?
i got it, i got the answer!i think home is where my heart is.
well, well, well, when i'm at home, i feel one undescrib-able- feeling that i can't find anywhere i go. i feel close to my parents, siblings and also my kitty-witty.
they accept me the way i am.how stubborn i was, how thrifty i was (wait a minute, am i??), how ugly i was (i disagree on this one), how unaccepted behaviour i acted was, they accept me with an open arms.but of course, i am not so-much-so similar like what i have listed.

"i am a good girl i am", said ELiza.

so that is, i appreciate my home sooo muchh.that's why i love to talk about it.
i can ask??really??or i can say order my brothers or actually my adik, to take anything i want from the freezer when i feel lazy to walk to the kitchen.if he refuses to follow, i will use my 'veto' power and scream at him.*hehe* no laaa..i can't be that bad, do i?he usually follows my order though i have to ask for a few times.that"s one of the reasons why i love being at home.ngeh ngeh ngeh*

sorry ye adikku sayam..

plus,i can conquer the PC to myself the whole night.noone is allowed to disturb me whenever i sit in front of the computer.my abah also.no lie.bangge..bangge..

ish xbaik la angoh ni..ngeeee...

you know what?

i can sleep till what time i want when i am at home.wake up at 11 has been a daily routine to me.noone will wake me up though it was already 12 noon.heee..but as far as i remmember, i never did wake up at 12.at least not when the clock strike at 12.ding!

hehehe..i love my home.i love my family.i love my bed(eventhough it was not VONO).i love my kitchen.i love my big, big TV.hehe*

ohh..wait.at home, i don't have to share my room with anyone else despite my sister's closet is in my room but she comes home rarely.so, i own that room.when i want some privacy i will just locked it and there i am alone i my room.but in KL....sad..hukhukhuk
but its okay, i like to share my teeny-weeny room with my darling forever n ever.heeee...
enough story bout my home.i believe everyone loves to be at home.to my darlings, miss prettyinpink,miss not-so-cute katakcute,miss pijat,n miss lynn, i miss all of u.miss our makan-makan time,miss all your cooks(i kan tak pandai masak).kuikiukui...

need to gosok my baju cos tommorow is Eid AidilAdha.wish u all Happy Eid AidilAdha.for cows, thanks for giving us permission to eat ur daging..ngeeeeee...