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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boikot ke Tak Boikot?

I bet u all must know about the hot issue right now.
Everyone or I must say that the entire world has seen the cruelty of Israel who has sent their army and attacked the Gaza City.
They have been using the most dangerous chemical (I think),Phosporus to harm the Palestinian people especially innocent children and women.
So many people has been dying every second and minutes.
We, as the Malaysian also trying our best to help them.
People can show their concerness by donating either money or food.
As for me, a student, I dont have so much money to donate.
So, I tried to boycot Israeli's food and products as I think if I continued buying them, I will be one of the contributor for their firearm.
However, after attended the Philosophy class this afternoon I began to think whether I did the right thing or not.
Mr.S said that if we unite to boycot fastfood like McD, other products like Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, we are putting the Malaysian into bankrupcy.
The Israeli is only holding the license but the managers, the workers are all Malaysian.
When we boycotted McD and supermarkets that sell those products, we are just throwing Malaysian businessmen or businesswomen into the dustbin.
But, we'll continue to contribute the money and profits to Israel.
So, which side are u in?each one of them has pros and cons.
Guys, choose which one is the best....for you, me, us and all.

I rest the case.



Al Adib said...

Saya ada mengulas isu ini di blog saya;


Tajuk artikel:
Silalah bertandang... Terima kasih

SAIFUL said...

yup.. totally agree with u..
american might be holding d license, but d employees, from highest to lowest ranks, are all MALAYSIANs.. as for me, i think i wont boycott.. if i want to, i'll probably boycott american imports

LoveIsPurple said...

i.Allah Al-Adib, nanti saye bertandang..

LoveIsPurple said...

the government shud play the role to stop all American and Israel;s products.not by boycotting the things which are sold everywhere in Malaysia..