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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can't See the Starting Line...yet

all the words are describing myself right now


I'll be at home for the whole day today
not going to KLpac Open Day cos planning to finish up P&D assgnment
but until this time I haven't did anything related to it
hahaha.penulis mengaku agak malas skrg ni
skrg ni je ke?hahaha.let me not answer it
the problem is, in just two weeks I'll have to hand in the assgnment
when and how to start?
quite blurr, or I shud rather say, I am lazy
huhuhu.I can do the task actually
I just have to sit still at my study-table and start writing
I know I'll be able to finish it A.S.A. I can
but I have to manage the distraction that I face now
what are they?
it's the streamyx, my bed and my shared bedroom
ooowwwhhh, how I can't stand them!
there are like my personal brand of heroin (Twilight'a quote)
waahh.ter'exaggerating' di situ..
it's not that addicted la, i will never try that s*** maa!
really.I cant see the starting point.when to start?
how exactly I shud do that.puhhlezz!
arggghhhh!!esaimen!U really make me sick!!!!
Hate U!Hate U!
wahh, lepas perasaan sat..asgnment nye pasal la kejadian ni sume berlaku,..

I better end this now
before many unnecessary things come out from my mouth