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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Ade Muke Ceti Ke??

As usual for the past few years, my college will organize the
KOT (Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan)...
gotta have to attend SukanTara,
u know for the house practise
erh..bored.but still okay.

At least, I can play truant as I live outside
so, it doen't really matter to me
if I am kind enough to go, then I will
but..just to sign the attendance
haha.well, lots of us did this.ALWAYS.
those who didn't, will be the nerd and 'skema' ones
not me, the wild gangster, tho Miss Katakcute say
'gangster ropol-ropol'
well, she always has something to say, especially to me
yeah.repeat, Me!huh!

People who haven't play truant during Sukantara,
loyally sat on the field (sampai sunburn2 ag!)
waiting for their turn to run, jump, hop n etc
always the nice and obedient ones..
its just not me.

cam nk nangis je rase...wuaaa!wuaaa!
me, the 'ganas2' with the 'ponteng-ponteng' one
is the new T...R...E...A...S...U...R...E...R
for Ikhlas House!!!
it's really-really-really-really-really
(wey, bape manyak really daa!)
yeah, its really a mumbo-jumbo!
if i were one of the MT, can I 'ponteng2' lg??
of course la not, clever!

the story began like this (imagine the situation)
OMG!its all Miss KatakCute who never ever cute idea
She suggested my name, ok I don't mind
I don't have any fans, any secret admirers anyway
besides, people barely know me...
so I roused, as they wanted me to stand up
there were another person who also got recommended for the post
Indian ladies, Kpli....

I'm sure they wouldn't select me
the election began...
Hanani.who wanted to vote for her, raise up your hand!
I saw lots of hands.lots.OMG!lots!
what are they thinking???
hey, I'm just 21, please dont put the blocks in my head!
Choose her!Choose her!!!!
I closed my eyes, wishing that the other one will beat my score
but....what the f***, I won???
suddenly, I felt like fainted.
how come they do this to me???
OMG, help me!

I saw on the white blackboard
she wrote my beatiful name beside the treasurer post
Bendahari : Hanani (TESL UM)
there will be lots and lots of money I have to hold
someone, please held me, I can't stay still!
Thank God, they gave me an assistant, the Indian ladies
dunno what to say, guys!
hope all of u will have good time laughing at me there!
while I am suffering here..jezz!
u do think I am trustworthy?



..me ~ cik sara.. said...

wahh! maybe kowt..afta all u're also da treasurer 4 da S&P thing rite..wahh!! cik nanie akan kayeee..

shopim2!! hehehe..

kyox said...

kah kah kah nasib la ko..nasib baik aku jadi wakil kumpulan jer..kah kah kah..

my name is KARL said...


i luv duit

cutekatak said...

biasala penangan katakcute
tu la
bila lagi nk pegang duit manyak2
ehhehe time ni la

LoveIsPurple said...

shuke ek korang2 shume neh i kna pegang manyak uwang...huhuhuh suffer i taw..wawaaaa!!
botak la pale t...huhuhu
tp i sememangnyeee kaye n berduet!!hahahhah
jOm shume aku blanje minum air...air shuam..kahakaha

Damnik said...

Bkan ad muka lag.. tap ad gaya ceti da. hehehehe.. nanti minta la byk2.. pastu mkn sesorg.. hahahahah

LoveIsPurple said...

hahaha..tuh la sume nk bg kat i..huhu