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Monday, January 12, 2009

Me Cook??

hahha.thats true.i do have to cook.not really cook.
just that i have to accompany or rather be an AJK at the kitchen.
AJK stands for Ahli Jo Kelih.
if u are Kelantanese or Teranganuese, u may undersatand what it means.lol.haha.
after i tried to cook for perhaps twice, i realized that i do have the talent in becoming a CHEF!!.really.no bluffing here k..
the reason is when i cook something, it tastes good and delicious.
its like i have a natural talent in me in cooking part.huarghuargh!
mabe i am too lazy to cook, just depend on my beloved mum to prepare anything for me
and my family to eat.
i was never bothered to help her in the kitchen, FYI.haha.
what a lazy bum i am!
boys, dont worry, i can cook though it will taste miserable.
hahaha.well, at least i have the jist to learn how to cook like an expert.

my observers?Miss so-great-in-cook PrettyInPink, Miss know-how-to-make-any-food Katakcute, they are just too good.
i am honoured to taste every dishes they have prepared for me cos they...
urmmm i think they definitely able to build up their own restaurant and becoming a million, or maybe zillion, instead of cooking for me which is absolutely FREE!thank u, guys.
right there in the kitchen, my friends are preparing for dinner or
rather cook for Miss Yayah open fast.
ok la i need to go and help them.
even i am just an observer or taster.haha.



my name is KARL said...

xnk bg org kat sini rasa makanannye???

LoveIsPurple said...

hahaha..kan da ckp i am a mmiserable cooker..takot ade yg keracunan mknan nti..lolz..