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Thursday, January 01, 2009


last night i went to my uncle's house at Rawang.thats a long and tiredness way to go.so far away from KL.we ate at Hj Samuri Satay Kajang.there were many people there.i dont know why the restaurant got so many customers cos i dont think that the dishes they were serving were so delicious sampai menjilat jari.i ate only 5 cucuk sate.muak la.huhu.my brothers je ate as much as they could.kebulur...
i got some kind of disease which make me difficult to breath.flu.huhu.miserable giler raser..i got hard time to sleep.to breath even to talk.owh..i have spread out virus, u know.haha.Omar n Dayah da jd mangsa virus aku.hahaha.kesian....
oklah got to go.nk pg tgk mvie sat.daaaaaa.....buhbye.