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Saturday, January 03, 2009

X Money X Fun

haha.can u understand what the meaning of this entry's title?good.if u understand i am sure u are a smart person.if not, sendiri paham la yerr..kihkihkih.no la.just kidding.
this entry will be all about money.yess money.riyal.bath.dolar.euro.
just want to share with u my 'miskiness and kepapaanness' at this moment.these words cant be find at any dictionary in the world cos they are originally invented by me, Sir Hanani.hehe.since when i got this honor?haha.merapu jerrr...maksud perkatan2 tu cuma satu iaitu ngn banggenye i isytiharkan diri ini sbg bankrupt.muflis.habuk pun tarak.no money at all.really.i dont have any money left.got some savings but sayang la nk gune..huhu.
as i dont have any money, i have to say gudbye to shopping2, lepaking2 at some famous shopping complex, buying new books and play bowling.sob3.i have to lend from my good friend, my rumate just to eat.how desperate i am, rite?i wonder what will happen if i dont eat for two days.i must lost 5kilos.hurrmmmm..it will be nice.perfect.

tolong saye bantu saye,
xberduit pape kedane.
ulang lg sekali...
tolong saye bantu saye,
xberduit pape kedane.

huhu..sad huh?pity me..

but i dont take it as a big problem cos i can still survive without money.i can eat maggi and boiling water.its okay to me.i'm an independent woman, am i?i can stand and sit thru anything.
however, i feel awkward when i was forced to go eating cos i have to borrow my friend's dollar again.embarrassed.shy.malu..asyik pinjam org jer...no!no!
please dont try this at home.haha.but somehow, thanks to God for giving concerned friends to me.at least i dont have to crush in at Along's for money.kalu xleh bayar, pndek kate, u can see me in heaven la...xnk la hutang2 ni.membebankan la.besar tuh dosa org xbyr hutang.tp jgn terlebih lak amik riba.xelok gak tuh.

tomolo, my friends ajak hang out.dont know la if i want to go or not.no money means not so much fun maa..da mmg jd my attitude if i go to any shopping store i want to buy something.anything.no matter they are branded or not.expensive or less.i will buy even a sweet or a bottle of mineral water.so, the amount of money i have will decrease.but since i dont have any money, i should not have to care whether my money will increase or decrease.u know what i mean?good.clap clap clap.

if they invite me, will i say yes or give some old excuses like no money laa..sakit perut laaa...??haha.will inform u l8er k.got to go.na layan Twilight by Stephanie Meyer jap.

Gossip Girl.


..me ~ cik sara.. said...

sy stuju!! no money no nothing mehh..
sob3..bukan kamoo saje muflis cik nanie..daku juge

LoveIsPurple said...

tuh ler sarah...huhuhu jeles org len have fun tyme weekend neh..waaaaa!