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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Smiling, Crying Inside

after about a month, I haven't met my family
last nite, God gather us up again...
owh, how I miss 'em
I knoe if I go, I'll miss my bestfriends best day
but sorry guys~~
I really miss my parent especially my dearest younger bro
so naughty but so vulnerable...
I left 'em smiling but the times given had not enough yet
I wanted to be with 'em longer~~ooo mummy!
I'm at my 'cosy corner' as usual
the place where I'm always on my own..
without any noise,
the perfect place for me to cry
without they even noticed,
the place where I run away from tense and bored
without anyone knows,
u might think I'm in the state of being psycho
haha..u r wrong
this is just me...
I do talk a lot but sometimes I ran out of ideas
God help me~~



affyda said...

rindu family ek...
the one who knows best about it i think is me..
i havent met my family since 29/12..
n being admitted to hospital 2 times during this period..
people might say i dont hav feeling, a girl who made from steel, not love her family damn much like them.. but this is my principle of life, i wont express my feeling towards others if it sumting to do with my personal life...
the facts are:
i do cry a lot coz i miss my family so much...
n i do cry more n more coz i know they are worry about me...
but dont worry..
people will never see a single drop of my tears if it is related to my "homesick" thing...
coz i know... im being blessed...
so, nanie, be strong...
sometimes, absent do make love grow ponder... n make you stronger... trust me..^_^

my name is KARL said...


family first!

LoveIsPurple said...

u r a very strong girl, fida...
i dun know if i can survive if i were you...only God knows how u love ur parent...
even u were so sick, u still dun want to let them worried..they r so lucky to hv a daughter like u...

be strong n u'll be okay~~

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

nanie...rindu gossiping gurl momentosss..
bile nak hapdettt..