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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life's Fated it All

2, 3 hr ni mcm2 musibah xkita suka n duka da berlaku
namun sbg manusia ak xlepas dr sume tu
ak redha ngan ape yg berlaku and
decide not to hold grudge on anyone
cos whatever happens must have the reason lies behind it
enuf said~~

have not updated the blog for quite a day
guess i need a time to heal,..from everything
and back to the normal me...the no-one-knows attitude
back to basic.
mcm keta la, dulu ade keta now
kami start off new ngn driver lame kami
sedia berkhidmat walau ke mn pn arah tuju kami
thnx to the taxi's driver....
w/out u ol kami mesti xdpt g cls taw tp2 hr
jasamu dikenang senantiasa

the tagged from miss sara pn i haven't replied
huhu, need to find ample tyme to answer those challenging ques
kalu xslp dkt 25 soklan gak la
waaaa....penat la den na menjwbnyerr

i have restricted my blog
do have the pros and cons
but it's my decision n my blog after all
so, friends who i can trust are invited to view my blog
please, please don't tell anyone bout the content in my blog, girls..
guys, i trust u~cos all of u are my friends
and i love my friends as much as i care bout myself!

for those who i haven't invited, sooo sorry
maybe next tyme...
beside there is nothing interesting in my blog...
so, keep it roxx baby!



kyox said...

copy paste ayat aku tu!

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

yupzzy..so true..
thanx for trusting me then..
syg kamoo slalu..
XOXO..muax! hehe

tagged tu ttape lmbat2 pn..tade expiry date pn..hehehe

LoveIsPurple said...

i trust u ol..muaks!