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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Time Experienced!

to be honest, smoking had been one of my always-want-to-do list
since I was in love with my ex, I might be a bit influ by him
harharhar.well, he never-never gave me tried that
Winston Light!I did once bought it for him
but just that!huhu.I ended up with him w/out even trying to touch it.

but, that nite (Feb, 9) I tried to smoke
influ by his friends friends I try to put that thing close to my mouth
at first, I felt afraid of being addicted
but I tried it anyway...
hurm...I felt nothing!no cough, no dizziness!true!

after a while, I felt like throw up.bueekk!
it's terrible, the ash were like stucked in my throat
like it's really-really stuck in there
i tried to 'kumur2' but the felt had not dissapeared
huhu.what have I done?
what a bad girl I am...huhuhu.
but really, don't try to smoke becoz u will want to try it again
positive!I'm sure!don't misunderstood me,
I could still resist the feeling of smokin'
I would not do something what we called 'stupid', 'moron'
again.tho I felt proud of myself for dare to try it but
it will only cause me trouble
and I felt s*** doing that!


p/s : don't do something that will lead to stupidity!