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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Damn Tired~~!!!

yes!very-very tired. today we have successfully (success ke??) conducted a workshop at two elite schools here..in KL.wait a minute, did La Salle also an elite school??hahaha so-so i guess.hehhe, no offence please.. ; ) we were divided into two groups as usual my class, b.ed 1.3 will go to La Salle, cos well, we know ourselves..people in 1.1 n 1.2 of cos went to seri hartamas, place for a milionaire opps, maybe a billionaire's parents income...wow!haha..well, we went there at 12, setup things and the hall, we began at 2.00 pm.the first session started with year 1 group..my group selected a song entitle, 'five little monkeys jumping on the bed', an action song..the children were having fun tho they can't really follow the song and the action. by the look of their face i know they were happy and enjoy looking at us..hahah.rs cam badut pn ade kt depan tuu...hehhehe well, teachers are flexible. they can swift into any character easily. that principle is what we were trying to do just now. hurm...so tiring yet enjoyable, they were soooo cute..cam na peluk2 je rase,...hahahha but honestly speaking, they were so well-manner and discipline. i think maybe cos they were all boys so, the teachers treat them rather strict...from my almost 2-hour observation at that school..but better to have a good students than the cannot-contro-at-all students..as for hartamas, of cos they were blondies, i mean mix blood children there..it's a place for rich people kids, babe,...for sure la kan...mat2 saleh tu biase la tuu..enuf said, at 900 will have to practice for Plays And Drama presentation..