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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chill man~!

yo yo yo, wassup??wassup??haha.
first, i laughed in front of my 'qiqi'..
didn't realize that i hv published this one
to Mr. Kyox, this entry hasn't complete yet.
dats y it was short
.i'm so sorry.hehe.i was home bout few days ago
loved it so much~!i dun have to think bout anything..
exams, ass-es, quizzes, lectures, haha
all i left in KL. kt rumah i tgk tv, bace novel,
gaduh2 ngan adik,masak2
hurmm i slept early at homie u know..haha.
i was surprised at myself.hehehe.
i think da bed was so comfy make me can't resist
hahhaa. i kt umah skrg. alone.my parents and 2 of my siblings
pg anta ipi masuk hostel. i insist xnk pegi..hehe
sayang nk tinggal laptop..tgh godek-godek blog td..
td i went to Sua Rasa tv9..
situasi kt sn best, meriah,,ade upin n ipin...tp kami xamik la gmbr
sbb ramai sgt org.kami lihat jela dr kejauhan..ye x..hehe
xlarat la nk merempuh ngn suasana yg panas terik tuh
na blik tuh my bro, drove car.sbb ramai sgt org kan...
so jaln amat la sesak
kami parked keta lam Kpj Specialist Hosp,
hehe bwat2 xtaw je
hehehe..pak guard opsss...
security la, nti kalu dgr dek
abg2 penjaga pondok pengawal kt Bayu tu kecoh la..
lu ni brader..pe ar mengelabah je..chill ar bro~!
hah.talking bout chill, or relax la kan...
ni nak citer..pe hal la td taw la sume ngah
berebut nak kuar, taw ar sume panas
mn de org sejuk: len la yg bejalan bwak air-cond(ntah btol ke idaknye)
jgn la men2 tolak2..i sensitif tol la..sabar la sket bro..ilep2..
sume bleh kuarnyerr
keta.bkn sume na tdo kt pdg tu kan..
camane ni..nak maju kalu sume dok hangin je manjang..iskk3~!
kalu xnk berkepit2, berebut2, dtg pg2 ag..
lam kol 6 ke 7 gitu
beli ler pe yg nk dibelinyer,
da tu trus chow..kan...
masalahnyer ms tu xbkk ag..so bertimbang rase la sket..
xkn tu pn na gtaw, anak da berderet..
ni gua xmaw membebel nih..
kang xpsl2 org kate i ni suke gosip la, kaki bebel la
kalu da cmni la ragamnye, cane ni??
penat weh gua menaip.
wa blah dulu la ye.
chaw chin chaw
p/s: kpd sesape yg terase, i mntk maap la yer~(xkn ler uncle tu na bace blog ak~)
lg stu, kalu da susah bwak keta tu, try2 ler nek moto lak yer, slmt sket bumi kita :))
Gossip Girl

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just my Crap

u spin my head right round. (right round) i'm spinning,dizzing...need to sleep. dear eyes, let me sleep please~~!!huuh..

i've decided...i'm not that innocent, menunggu buah yg xgugur, hujan yg xturun2, trying to blame it all on me.everyone makes mistakes, no one can avoid it from happening.so, if being ignorant and inconsiderate are the most appropriate ways to show when in front of me, then just go ahead.it's painful, but sume ni dugaan yg mematangkan ak.i can live without having to think for every second about that crap.yup!i'll let u free from now on.my last gift will be on ur birthday.then, i'll throw all this shit to any land that i couldn't set my foot in.go on with ur life.ur freedom, whatever~like i really care!please, stop all the lies~~!da lapuk ar taktik tu..hah!puhh-lezz!talk to da hand..)love make us stronger.not make us dust and dirt.i trust all the crap's talked with my heart, (soo innocent at that time!) and now, i was the only one who have to face all the consequences.keep moving on dear..u have tried,tried my best, now let just HIM do the rest.i have gone thru the most hardest time in my life, with all the tears, hopes, insults, ignores, memories, enough with all theeeesssseeee shit.if he meants for me,ermmm i do not know wht will i do.i was never expected it to end up like this, but as it had happened, my life sucks.sullen and sorrow were my best accompaniment.that damn crap couldn't see this all, my sacrificeness.better that crap not knowing.get rid of this moron feelings.be happy.girl, believe that someday he will feel what u felt now.i believe in what comes around, comes around.if that crap are really seeing someone now, poor her~!i'll pray for her so that she won't face the same thing that had happened to me.that reason la kunun, mulia sgt laaa time tu...hahaha.kelakar btol~!that crap, that memories, were all can go to the dustbin.let the flies bring it to somewhere else, far away from me.far away from everybody.go to HEll~!i will be strong, eventhough i couldn't love u, i am gonna smile cos i deserve too.
who am I?that's the secret i will never tell.
I am serious.

LoveIsPurple, reach high, for stars lie hidden in my soul. dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. show the world u can conquer them though u are alone.

Gossip Girl

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four words

i'm home. glad to be at the place where i know people always showered their love towards me..no hatred, no jealousy, just happiness..only love.love of my parents, love of my siblings. dis morning my bro was crying and insisting on not going to school just because his sisters were at home. haha. i love him. haha. always made me wanted to laugh. so manje~~!!well, anak bongsu laa katekan..

i woke up from my dreams and did my responsibility as a daughter..hehe. i cooked seafood fried rice for breakfast. good try but shud put more salt next time. hehe. a bit tasteless. at least i tried. enuff with food.

i got a new follower. i know not-so-many people had read and stepped by at my blog, but i do have followers. hehe. i have read thru his entry. among all his entry, my eyes captured on da enty describing about love. cinta..ak penah disayangi n menyayangi. dat time mmg ak rs hepi sgt. u know being in love. sape2 yg xpenah in a relationship pn akn have their own meaning when it comes to love. it never comes across my heart that someday i will love someone this much. he's been ignoring me, in every ways. not sending any messages, jauh lg nak call..it has been almost three years since we broke up. haha. i can see that he's happy now, maybe he had found someone that he loves and b happy with. people said, when someone trying to keep apart from u, he/she doesn't care or do not want to have anything to do with u. i felt the same. he hates me. i knew it. why can't i hate him too? i have the reasons to hate him. i just can't..or maybe i just do not want to hate him. i tried hard to look at him not in the same way i looked at him before. only God knows how hurt it is. maybe i was wrong, bt why deep inside i can see that he was just trying so hard to hate me, cos the truth is he still loves me. or maybe not....i dont really know. i wish i was Edward Cullen. no matter what, i hope he is happy. having a girlfriend or not does not really matter to me, the happiness of him is the most important. i miss the time when we laughed together. i miss your smile. honestly, i miss you.

Gossip Girl


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black Brain

this entry is nothing to do with anyone.it's only my deep, darkest, indeed opinion about an opposite gender of mine.i think it's better if i speak in Malay.besides i'm not really have many vocab to express what i want to tell u now.y people always hurt others who love them?y they can't forget and forgive the smallest thing ever happen?did anyone shud have the chance to get second try?y people are so egois?y people get jealous and holding grudge to others?y can't we forget the bad things and only remember the sweetest and nicest things that we have gone thru?y people tend to lie just to make someone hate them?i dun really find the answer, everyone has their own way of thinking and principles in life. as for me, i love to think only the nicest thing people do and did for me..they may give us nt-really-good things to rememmber once, but we can't judge them bad, enemy all over. honestly, ak bkn na mengagung2kan guys in Europe, but based on the muvie and Beckham, for example they assume themselves as a protector of women, not a leader.but us, dorg rs diri tu hebat sgt ampai org bwat baik pn not even say thanks. benci2 org ngn mudahnya.what is that?ak xtujukan kt sape2 ni cume pengalaman hidup ak smate2, xpyh nk terase ke ape..malu la nak ngaku perasaan dn hati sbnr..takut org kate kite lemah kan..mn bley, kite kan hebat..mn bley tunduk,mn bley say sorry, mn bley jilat ludah sendiri(i hate this sentence, extremely!)..na hebat skrg bley ar, org bwat bek xpenah nk ingt tp sbb skali slah, yela wat alasan gitu la gini la, pe kesss??? terus na benci org..sempurna sgt ke diri kite tu?mulia sgt ke smpai xpenat wat slh?haha. renung2 kan la skali. we all live on the same land, roof by the same sky, back to Him in the same conditions..same je kite di pandangan Dia..xde yg lebey xde yg kurang..yg menentukan perbezaan tu cuma amalan kita..tp kalu da sombong, na putuskan silaturrahim sesame Islam, ape cite tu...fikir2kan dan renung2kan la...
back to myself.

Gossip Girl

FA or Math??

tough decision to make. watching final FA (my beloved state is playing!)
go against Selangor. first tyme ever made to finale. quite an
excitement for us, Kelantanese.at least me. Mr.Bundle too :))
hehe.its already 43.49 mins played. i have my Math's file
beside me. i think of many things. but none of them were
Mathematics. i've known some of what topics will come out but do not have
any interest to touch it yet..help me, God.
leave me alone.

Gossip Girl

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Luck to Me.

hi..have been ignoring my blog for several days. try to make myself busy with notes and books, u know exam is around the corner, now its not really a corner cos corner means something rather close but somehow the exam will be tomorrow, so, it have to be changed to "exam is around the hands",,hahaha u must b thinking why hands?the reason is because my hands are no longer can wait to do her job.. tomorrow, it' s all up to my hands and of course my brain cells. wish me a healthy body.haha. after struggling to revise what I have learnt thruout this sem, I am quite confident.not really confident, oh Gosh, it will lead to over-confident. no.i hate that. i mean its the way i motivate myself,avoid of feel so nervous during the exam cos it might blurr me. today is the last day for all Cohort V Teslian to read and memorize Philosophy. at 11 30 pm tomorrow, we will all be seated in the exam hall and starts to throwing up what we have read before.it's the battle between you and your brain. haha.

just wanna share my exam's shedule:

Philosophy : April 23hb, 11:30 am
Linguistics : April 24hb, 8:30 am
Mathematics : April 27hb, 11:30 am

hurm..what else to say?wish me luck and may I answer the questions with a clear mind..gudbye.till I see u then.adios~!

Gossip Girl.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Love Boookkkss!

me n fydot bz memilih buku-bukusss

KL International Book Fair 2009 starts today..my friends and i went there at about 11am..
the train wasn't full cos today is a working day.before getting ourselves cramped in Pwtc, we get something to eat as all of us were not having breakfast yet.i ate chicken rice at KFC.
this was my first time at the book fair.i went home last year when my friends
came to the fair.first impression?

it wasn't really interesting.haha.ermm girls, women were conquering all the
areas, where were the boys, guys?hurmm.no English novels so far.huhu.
i was starting to get bored when we pulled over (wah~!) at
Pay-Less Books, i bought three hard cover books for
only rm18.the books were:
a) The Nanny Diaries
b) Good Grief
c) Afterlove (recommended by fydot)

emma, as usual bought poetry's books.the other girls could not find
anything interesting.xberminat katenya..okay...~!
we went to the third floor, i grabbed one
more book for only rm3...The Catch
quite interesting and f.u.n.n.y.
at least to me.

kat The Mall beli ag,.all books were rm10.ape lagi?grab la.
3 more books.the Da Vincci Code for only rm10~!
i saw the same book at Mph, it costs rm35.90
go and see if u dun believe me.
Hopscotch, and
Two Lipsticks and a Lover.
ok, i rest da story.

Gossip Girl.

So Much For My Happy Ending

Realised tht the exam is juz around da corner.i knew i shud blend myself with books, notes and highlighters like what yot always did in her notes.i knew i shudn't post anything here for about two weeks more.i knew i shud start make a group discussion.discuss parts i do not understand.i knew i shud stop blogging and revising for philosophy, linguist and math subjects.but i decided it's not time yet.time for me to study.time for me to get serious.i knew if i study late, i wont be get a flying colours result.still, i want to make something that makes me happy.and study, i'm just not into it.like the muvie he's not just into you.in my case, i'm not just into study.i dunno when i will get a wake up call to study.oh Lord, help me~!i am furiously extremely lazy to get myself to open those books on my table.even to stare at it makes me sick.i knew i am a late minutes study kind of fellas.i thought what so rush to study if u forget it when u have to sit for the exam tmrw?it's just not worth it.thats my opinion.me.i'm doing philo's revision now, but i can't stay focus.i need to do something to make sure i will keep awake.hehe. i knew i can only study at night, late late at night.it's true.i admit that.i can't really study in the afternoon cos it makes me go dizzy and finally i'll snore on the books i read.haha.i can study in the morning, but if i don't sleep, none at all.if i slept, i'll just go on and go on until the sun rises above my head.what a lazy bum!hehe.okay babe, go study. chaiyok2~!with my attitude, will i wish for a happy ending?of cos i am.haha.let's just wait and see does it comes true.

Gossip Girl.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I won Oscar Award!

tarra!tarra!!!!ten ten ten!!i won Oscar seyyhhhh~~!!tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu to all my fansz~!wah~!!award ni telah diberi kt shaye sbb blog sye telah dijdkan feberet oleh slah aorg sepupu sepapap shaye..nmnye Cik Sara yg tomey sgt.,..shaye shuke tgk die pakai slendang, menyerlah segala seri2 wajah...waaahhh~~!!to admit, shaye xpenah ag dpt award taw..shaye amatla terharu ngn penganugerahan ini~~!!hukhukhukhuk

Story of the Day

me n rynn...
emma, dyh n ckyn y ss..hahaha

bahak in his 50 years~!ahaks!what were we looking at??
curry laksa yg amat menyelerakan....nsb bek dlm mangkuk, kalu x, de yg kena fire neh...hhehe
nasi lemak with curry...
ckyn a.k.a minah ss
neh la cutlery yg terpaksa kami gn due to xde air...huhuuhu

After went through hard and tough night, i finally manage to get myself to bed, dreaming.i really could not recall every dream i have gone through.but still, i woke up today with smile on my face..to make my day worst, around 930, i was forced to wake up to go to college cos i was supposed to submit P&D ass today..i thought friends can sign the submission form but cannot. me, ermm A.S.A.P went to college.."xurban ler lect2 neh, bg jela ktorg sain bknnye kami xanta esaimen pn!""ntah!,it's not a big deal la~! were among many of the conversation we shared there.it was chaos in the department,~!u can imagine how..hurmmm rafida yg baik2 n murni itu pn got scolded, by two lecturers ag tuh...poor her~!sbr ekk fidah X(!
utk mengubt ati yg lara n perot yg suda minta diisi ni, we decided to eat at Tesco, testing a new restaurant named Pak Hailam Kopitiam..well, we are the 'food fairies'.. nti ley rekemen kt yot@food disaster~!!hehe.sowie yer yot..i love the deco,very da urban+tradisional..ala-ala kg la..
got the menu, everyone was looking what's gonna eat n drink..i chose curry laksa with hot chocolate.ckyn n emma chose nasi lemak with curry.tup2 dtg tuh kan...waaa polystyrene, wtf???!!!really, lime honey juice in a plastic cup!!!chocolate milkshake~~!!!OMG, we knew we have gone to the wrong restaurant..!!once again, "apela kedai ni, nmpak je cantep tp huh!xurban langsung~~!!"eeeii, xbebaloi bayar mahal2 weh!"...came da dish, sume da cam xde mood kan,xpenah2 ag jd camni before taw :((!tp cos sume kebuluq, hentam je ar...waaahhh, da food was delicious,~~!!tip-top!xsangke...hehe.rynn ngn ayat dia,"mknan okay, tp kna improve presentation", hahahha. presentation tuh,..oral presentation ehh rynn...?heheehe.den, went up to buy something to eat before holiday starts..i ngn xmalunye, na g toilet, tp unfortunately, dat was no water resources.hurrrmmm, no wonder Pak Hailam Kopitiam tuh use polystyrene, xdak air rupenyer :P...punyela kami mengutuk td..waaaaa xpasal2 tertambah dosa kami2 kan..~~!!xjd la nak banned dat restaurant..we will go there again, wait for us ya Kopitiam..heheheh!
enuff said la k.gonna watch muvie..THE UNBORN~!!

Gossip Girl

Let the wind blows~!

Try to think rational.calm.stay there and breathe.no worries.don't pressure.it will hurt yourself.don;t get so stressed up.if God wills, if your love is real pure, the moment will come and u will never know when.believe in Him.HE,who planned everything, HE, who decide every single things in this world.HE, who made us all.so, don't worry, if -- was not for you, you will found someone ten times, even hundredth times better than -- is.HE, may have the reason for not letting me be like me before.don't be sad.don't let your tears dropped cos of ---.don't.don't.don't.don't hope for something unsure.let it be.let it be like the way things are.finally u will find the answer.just be happy and smile.people loves when we smile.so, smile~!throw away all the sadness, all the craziness.throw them all.those were the things underneath your shoes.it's dirty, babe!where is -- when u need --- the most before?remember those hard time u have to go through without --- even ask, 'how are you?'..hahaha world.it's so unfair.when the justice when we really need it?none.let --- be with ---.i want da best for --- rite?so, it is the best, i think..

Gossip Girl.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

U girlsss Roccckkss!

Done with da assgnmentss.done wth all da crap.done wth all da stay-up late(really??).hahah done with all da life things.waitt~!!dont get me wrong, I'm still alive n in a happy mode now...wanna know why...??this evening,my housemates, all of 'em, including lynn, our sepupu-sepapap, yot, tot n sot went to times square.the main plan was bowling.we managed to get the price for the early birds(only rm12 for 4 games, worth right??), but I tell u it was really-really tiring.hahaha not because we have to bowl the ball, but cause of shouting and gugu gaga'ing' among ourselves.we have so much fun der.we went there by rynn's WRW.a bonus for us cos we dun have to wait for da lrt, believe me it takes so long~~!!xcaye, erm xamerika lg arr...hehehe.went up there, at 5th level the cemarians n naz have been waitin' for us.i was so hungry, i felt like dun wanna play, but i gagahkan jua...hehehhe for bowling!den, we went to buy MCD McValue Lunch.very affordable for someone worried bout da over-da-limit budget like me.hehe.kenyang~~!half of us went to sushi king.BONANZA day card.RM2 for all plates.very2 mmmpphhhh~~!!besttt gilerrr, sadly i think we were da only malays who ate there. at least until we have finished..we went up for prayers.planned to eat sushi king again, me,yot, lynn, piyey n naz.yot again.food shock~~!haha.but really worth as we got to have the 'tori karage' and 'prawn what i dunno'..hehe puass ati wa ckp lu...we continued our journey, (wah, journey!)hehehe metafora tol,to watch movie, JANGAN TEGUR..bestt~~!i gave it four stars...da sound effect was marvelous, it was lots of screaming takes place.haha yot da peluk2 i, mmg extreme dak neh~!erm, den we thought of going back home, everyone looked tired, me??not really actually...hurmm i suggested lynn to eat at Sweetchat, believe me, she was jumping when hearing it, hahaha kelakor la lynn..heheh shuke shgt la dia bl dpt g mkn kt tpt yg dia na g sgt tuh...hahahah i ate 'pulut hitan with paste with durian'...not bad, tp a bit of muak cos of the coconut milk..~!!errrhhh, puhlezzz, i can't finish it, u know, cam na muntah..den i go dizzy sbb durian..weekkk!so, we went back home wth a happy face.hehheh.
enuff for today.

Gossip Girl.

Monday, April 13, 2009

recapp:Gabai Waterfall (cont..)

those are only 2/4 pictures from all..haha..juz wanted u ol see that i dont bluff!haha.we did enjoy der..haaa so, anyone interested?? I want to see hands up, please~~!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gabai Waterfall the GrEAT!!

xtvt utk mereka2 yg sempoi n xbape na kisah sgt ttg hal2 keduniaan..hehhee
yupz, dlm kesibukan kena anta reflection hr senin ni, kami dak2 tesl yg xbape la na rajin
plan mcm2 la..nak ke situ la, nak ke sini la...haahha eager gileeerrrr
na men futsal punyela beriya, alik2 xde sorg pn na pegi..huh~!!agak frust d situ...
xpela, i heal my heart ngn nengok2 muvie smlm...
tb2 dak2 laki ngajok g sungai gabai....ist i dgr nm tu, cam eeeiii tpt ape tuu???
waterfall kerr????hehehhe, da la nek keta sewa,.lg la i xbape na excited...
den, i google tpt tu, chantekkk~~!!!
mula la get excited kan....hehehhe i promot la tpt ni kt u ol..mn2 yg terlampau
stress, tension tuh pg la situ....wlpn agak ramai orgnye (mklumla wekend)
tp still...tpt tu best~~!!kami gerak lam kol 830 gitu..
plan sbnar kol 730 ag...ade yg terbgun lewat kan...na wat cane kna la gerak lwt sket
i pn slh sorg gak la ;P..mlm tu stay up, xsedar lgsung dak2 ni kejut..huhuh
perjalanan diteruskan...xde la jauh sgt tptnye..nek kajang sket je
tol singgit..lalu jln kampung yg xbape na best sgt..bosan wei...huuhhu
lmbat+perlahan..bkn ke same mksdnye eh??
hahahha so, yg pegi td 5 org ppuan, ngn 6 ke 7 org laki...siap de BBQ ag beb :)
best~!best~!best~!gelongsong dia bapak best...
bak kate zack, sbb da byk sgt *bontot* geser kt situ, xrase sekat2 pn...hahahha
yela zack wei...hahahha wlpn bara lambat na jd, kami totap hepi n enjoy
na pg lagi...uwaaa~~!!uwaaa~~!!geng2 laki spt bese la, menjamu mate ngn *ehem2
yg agak ramai di situ...normal la tuh...biar la dorang...
tp mmg best waterfall tuh>>>
na tunjuk gmbr2 kami di sn, tp nti2 la...
camera man blom mengedar lg gmbr2 tu kt kami...next time i upload gmbr tu k...
neh, juz gmbr tpt tu je....check it out...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hell Yeah~!(quote from Kyox)

afte all da burning midnite oil (thank God xtrbakar rmh ni...) hehe
doing the esaimen, we finally free..not in the way that we don't have any esaimen to submit, but less work, less stress already.
just the bits-bits thing that need to do..like S&P and P&D reflections.
then, we juz hve to wait for da exam to come..hehe cam da pandai sgt kan..nal wait je...hehhehe no lah!mst la study sket2 gk..the night before the exm is da most effective way to revise u know...i'm giving great tip here.. :-)
now, i'm doing something not related at all wth academic.
wanna get rid of it temporarily..need to b myself afta soo long...
FYI, Miss Fydot da leh kuar HDW, will b trnsfer to general ward at anytime..
alhamdulillah, suka sgt dgr Fidot da sihat..
my momma..Miss her~~!!
erm,..OMG, review xbwat ag..hhuhuuh...na g wat sat eh...


Da Happiness In Me

I could say thats the most happiness day in my life..how could I express that
feeling?haha feel like I'm gonna smile forever cos of that day...
I'm not gonna forget this day..our first day out not being a couple...hahaha
maybe the title does not affect me at all..ngeee~~
I think Miss Sara is sooo right...u know, if you love someone so much,
you always wanted him/her to be happy whether it includes yourself or not...
I want to b that girl...I want him to b happy no matter with whom he is with....now or forever
Seeing him smile can heal every hurt or injuries (walau sekechik kuman pn)
I had..hahaha...love sometimes hurt but there's always sweet
in being in love...we tend to be nice...hehhe not to hold grudge on anyone...
It makes your life meaningful...
Love is Life.And if you miss love, You miss Life~!


Friday, April 03, 2009

I Miss You...

Sometimes it's so hard to believe
when a love can be so strong
and faith gave me the strength
and kept me holding on
You are the love of my life
And I'm so glad you found me
You are the love of my life...

yes, you will always be the love of my life...i know it's kinda of too late for me to tell you all this but i am grateful that i met you..you will always be my strength..no matter what you did before, what you have gone through..i will love you forever.,sometimes i wonder, what if i never found you?what if we're not in love?it will be so different without you..before, now and forever...i know i had lost you, but i will keep my heart only for you..i don't know what will happen in the future but i feel proud cos u had loved me...even its only for a while.i miss you, always and forever..i wish we could be together...only God knows how much i love you, how much i wish u'll be happy..i love to see u smile, to see u happy...even i feel hurt inside.sometimes i cry, missing you...but i have to be strong... i pretend not to look at you the way i look at you before...it hurts..thank God for giving me the strength...u are the love of my life....

flying to you,
with love........