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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black Brain

this entry is nothing to do with anyone.it's only my deep, darkest, indeed opinion about an opposite gender of mine.i think it's better if i speak in Malay.besides i'm not really have many vocab to express what i want to tell u now.y people always hurt others who love them?y they can't forget and forgive the smallest thing ever happen?did anyone shud have the chance to get second try?y people are so egois?y people get jealous and holding grudge to others?y can't we forget the bad things and only remember the sweetest and nicest things that we have gone thru?y people tend to lie just to make someone hate them?i dun really find the answer, everyone has their own way of thinking and principles in life. as for me, i love to think only the nicest thing people do and did for me..they may give us nt-really-good things to rememmber once, but we can't judge them bad, enemy all over. honestly, ak bkn na mengagung2kan guys in Europe, but based on the muvie and Beckham, for example they assume themselves as a protector of women, not a leader.but us, dorg rs diri tu hebat sgt ampai org bwat baik pn not even say thanks. benci2 org ngn mudahnya.what is that?ak xtujukan kt sape2 ni cume pengalaman hidup ak smate2, xpyh nk terase ke ape..malu la nak ngaku perasaan dn hati sbnr..takut org kate kite lemah kan..mn bley, kite kan hebat..mn bley tunduk,mn bley say sorry, mn bley jilat ludah sendiri(i hate this sentence, extremely!)..na hebat skrg bley ar, org bwat bek xpenah nk ingt tp sbb skali slah, yela wat alasan gitu la gini la, pe kesss??? terus na benci org..sempurna sgt ke diri kite tu?mulia sgt ke smpai xpenat wat slh?haha. renung2 kan la skali. we all live on the same land, roof by the same sky, back to Him in the same conditions..same je kite di pandangan Dia..xde yg lebey xde yg kurang..yg menentukan perbezaan tu cuma amalan kita..tp kalu da sombong, na putuskan silaturrahim sesame Islam, ape cite tu...fikir2kan dan renung2kan la...
back to myself.

Gossip Girl


LoveIsPurple said...

perasaan ak semata2...

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

adess..apsal rasa cam termkn cili plak ni..
hak3..susahla nk ingt yg baik2 bila org tu dh bwat trok dhsyat gile kt kte..im not dat innocent..

LoveIsPurple said...

btol tu cik sara..kite punyer la syg, last2 ng2 je dia na lcash la..sb itu la ini la..bley bla ar wei