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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four words

i'm home. glad to be at the place where i know people always showered their love towards me..no hatred, no jealousy, just happiness..only love.love of my parents, love of my siblings. dis morning my bro was crying and insisting on not going to school just because his sisters were at home. haha. i love him. haha. always made me wanted to laugh. so manje~~!!well, anak bongsu laa katekan..

i woke up from my dreams and did my responsibility as a daughter..hehe. i cooked seafood fried rice for breakfast. good try but shud put more salt next time. hehe. a bit tasteless. at least i tried. enuff with food.

i got a new follower. i know not-so-many people had read and stepped by at my blog, but i do have followers. hehe. i have read thru his entry. among all his entry, my eyes captured on da enty describing about love. cinta..ak penah disayangi n menyayangi. dat time mmg ak rs hepi sgt. u know being in love. sape2 yg xpenah in a relationship pn akn have their own meaning when it comes to love. it never comes across my heart that someday i will love someone this much. he's been ignoring me, in every ways. not sending any messages, jauh lg nak call..it has been almost three years since we broke up. haha. i can see that he's happy now, maybe he had found someone that he loves and b happy with. people said, when someone trying to keep apart from u, he/she doesn't care or do not want to have anything to do with u. i felt the same. he hates me. i knew it. why can't i hate him too? i have the reasons to hate him. i just can't..or maybe i just do not want to hate him. i tried hard to look at him not in the same way i looked at him before. only God knows how hurt it is. maybe i was wrong, bt why deep inside i can see that he was just trying so hard to hate me, cos the truth is he still loves me. or maybe not....i dont really know. i wish i was Edward Cullen. no matter what, i hope he is happy. having a girlfriend or not does not really matter to me, the happiness of him is the most important. i miss the time when we laughed together. i miss your smile. honestly, i miss you.

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cutekatak said...

konsepnya rinde merindu la ni....
semalam malu2 kucing ayam semua ade la..alololol sweetnya..ngeh3x

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

sonoknye da balik umah..
sy masih mereput di gua cemara..~
ni bru bernafas cket sbb tenet da ok..klau tak haizzzz...reput3...hahaha

cutekatak said...

oeh lupa lak...... oo dapat resepi terus senyapla..xde respon la lepas tu la konsepnya..huhuhuhuhu tu la derhaka terhadap tok guru...gagaggagagag..

LoveIsPurple said...

ampunkan ak tok guru~~!!hahahhaha
besttt woo i nyer seafood fried rice.hhahhah thanks to u, my dear :))

LoveIsPurple said...

cik sara blik bile ni???

LoveIsPurple said...

rindu la sgt..hahhahah...uwekkkk~~!!!