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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Luck to Me.

hi..have been ignoring my blog for several days. try to make myself busy with notes and books, u know exam is around the corner, now its not really a corner cos corner means something rather close but somehow the exam will be tomorrow, so, it have to be changed to "exam is around the hands",,hahaha u must b thinking why hands?the reason is because my hands are no longer can wait to do her job.. tomorrow, it' s all up to my hands and of course my brain cells. wish me a healthy body.haha. after struggling to revise what I have learnt thruout this sem, I am quite confident.not really confident, oh Gosh, it will lead to over-confident. no.i hate that. i mean its the way i motivate myself,avoid of feel so nervous during the exam cos it might blurr me. today is the last day for all Cohort V Teslian to read and memorize Philosophy. at 11 30 pm tomorrow, we will all be seated in the exam hall and starts to throwing up what we have read before.it's the battle between you and your brain. haha.

just wanna share my exam's shedule:

Philosophy : April 23hb, 11:30 am
Linguistics : April 24hb, 8:30 am
Mathematics : April 27hb, 11:30 am

hurm..what else to say?wish me luck and may I answer the questions with a clear mind..gudbye.till I see u then.adios~!

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♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

good luck!

owhhh cam tak caya je sok nk exam ni...aduiiii........

my name is KARL said...

al d best

LoveIsPurple said...

thank u guys :))

en_me said...

good luck.. salamm dr me dikejauhannns