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Monday, April 06, 2009

Hell Yeah~!(quote from Kyox)

afte all da burning midnite oil (thank God xtrbakar rmh ni...) hehe
doing the esaimen, we finally free..not in the way that we don't have any esaimen to submit, but less work, less stress already.
just the bits-bits thing that need to do..like S&P and P&D reflections.
then, we juz hve to wait for da exam to come..hehe cam da pandai sgt kan..nal wait je...hehhehe no lah!mst la study sket2 gk..the night before the exm is da most effective way to revise u know...i'm giving great tip here.. :-)
now, i'm doing something not related at all wth academic.
wanna get rid of it temporarily..need to b myself afta soo long...
FYI, Miss Fydot da leh kuar HDW, will b trnsfer to general ward at anytime..
alhamdulillah, suka sgt dgr Fidot da sihat..
my momma..Miss her~~!!
erm,..OMG, review xbwat ag..hhuhuuh...na g wat sat eh...



my name is KARL said...


kyox said...

copyright rm50 untuk shout out aku~~heheh

LoveIsPurple said...

tq karl...i will~!

LoveIsPurple said...

teh, alaa murah2 sudey...hehehhe
wait till u become shakespeare, ak bg la rm10,,heheheh