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Friday, April 17, 2009

I Love Boookkkss!

me n fydot bz memilih buku-bukusss

KL International Book Fair 2009 starts today..my friends and i went there at about 11am..
the train wasn't full cos today is a working day.before getting ourselves cramped in Pwtc, we get something to eat as all of us were not having breakfast yet.i ate chicken rice at KFC.
this was my first time at the book fair.i went home last year when my friends
came to the fair.first impression?

it wasn't really interesting.haha.ermm girls, women were conquering all the
areas, where were the boys, guys?hurmm.no English novels so far.huhu.
i was starting to get bored when we pulled over (wah~!) at
Pay-Less Books, i bought three hard cover books for
only rm18.the books were:
a) The Nanny Diaries
b) Good Grief
c) Afterlove (recommended by fydot)

emma, as usual bought poetry's books.the other girls could not find
anything interesting.xberminat katenya..okay...~!
we went to the third floor, i grabbed one
more book for only rm3...The Catch
quite interesting and f.u.n.n.y.
at least to me.

kat The Mall beli ag,.all books were rm10.ape lagi?grab la.
3 more books.the Da Vincci Code for only rm10~!
i saw the same book at Mph, it costs rm35.90
go and see if u dun believe me.
Hopscotch, and
Two Lipsticks and a Lover.
ok, i rest da story.

Gossip Girl.


my name is KARL said...


wah sgt bagus

rajinnye membaca!!!

LoveIsPurple said...

hehhe.rajin ke??hahahha yw la kot.. :))

adah uchida said...

wah..byknyer buku..spare tuk cuti sem ea..hehehe=) nk g gak!!!i'll go gaga over d bookzzz....hehehe..

LoveIsPurple said...

yupz!tgh kumpul2 byk2 nti cuti sem leh bace..hahha ntah2 berkulat je bku2 tu kt umah..malas nk bace~~!!