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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just my Crap

u spin my head right round. (right round) i'm spinning,dizzing...need to sleep. dear eyes, let me sleep please~~!!huuh..

i've decided...i'm not that innocent, menunggu buah yg xgugur, hujan yg xturun2, trying to blame it all on me.everyone makes mistakes, no one can avoid it from happening.so, if being ignorant and inconsiderate are the most appropriate ways to show when in front of me, then just go ahead.it's painful, but sume ni dugaan yg mematangkan ak.i can live without having to think for every second about that crap.yup!i'll let u free from now on.my last gift will be on ur birthday.then, i'll throw all this shit to any land that i couldn't set my foot in.go on with ur life.ur freedom, whatever~like i really care!please, stop all the lies~~!da lapuk ar taktik tu..hah!puhh-lezz!talk to da hand..)love make us stronger.not make us dust and dirt.i trust all the crap's talked with my heart, (soo innocent at that time!) and now, i was the only one who have to face all the consequences.keep moving on dear..u have tried,tried my best, now let just HIM do the rest.i have gone thru the most hardest time in my life, with all the tears, hopes, insults, ignores, memories, enough with all theeeesssseeee shit.if he meants for me,ermmm i do not know wht will i do.i was never expected it to end up like this, but as it had happened, my life sucks.sullen and sorrow were my best accompaniment.that damn crap couldn't see this all, my sacrificeness.better that crap not knowing.get rid of this moron feelings.be happy.girl, believe that someday he will feel what u felt now.i believe in what comes around, comes around.if that crap are really seeing someone now, poor her~!i'll pray for her so that she won't face the same thing that had happened to me.that reason la kunun, mulia sgt laaa time tu...hahaha.kelakar btol~!that crap, that memories, were all can go to the dustbin.let the flies bring it to somewhere else, far away from me.far away from everybody.go to HEll~!i will be strong, eventhough i couldn't love u, i am gonna smile cos i deserve too.
who am I?that's the secret i will never tell.
I am serious.

LoveIsPurple, reach high, for stars lie hidden in my soul. dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. show the world u can conquer them though u are alone.

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