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Friday, April 17, 2009

So Much For My Happy Ending

Realised tht the exam is juz around da corner.i knew i shud blend myself with books, notes and highlighters like what yot always did in her notes.i knew i shudn't post anything here for about two weeks more.i knew i shud start make a group discussion.discuss parts i do not understand.i knew i shud stop blogging and revising for philosophy, linguist and math subjects.but i decided it's not time yet.time for me to study.time for me to get serious.i knew if i study late, i wont be get a flying colours result.still, i want to make something that makes me happy.and study, i'm just not into it.like the muvie he's not just into you.in my case, i'm not just into study.i dunno when i will get a wake up call to study.oh Lord, help me~!i am furiously extremely lazy to get myself to open those books on my table.even to stare at it makes me sick.i knew i am a late minutes study kind of fellas.i thought what so rush to study if u forget it when u have to sit for the exam tmrw?it's just not worth it.thats my opinion.me.i'm doing philo's revision now, but i can't stay focus.i need to do something to make sure i will keep awake.hehe. i knew i can only study at night, late late at night.it's true.i admit that.i can't really study in the afternoon cos it makes me go dizzy and finally i'll snore on the books i read.haha.i can study in the morning, but if i don't sleep, none at all.if i slept, i'll just go on and go on until the sun rises above my head.what a lazy bum!hehe.okay babe, go study. chaiyok2~!with my attitude, will i wish for a happy ending?of cos i am.haha.let's just wait and see does it comes true.

Gossip Girl.


my name is KARL said...

aku suke study lambat2

cm dua hari b4 test...


yg pting ms study focus mst tiptop

x gune study awal .. if xfocus... x dpt gk nk hafal

kyox said...

aku pun malas nak baca beb...haiz

LoveIsPurple said...

setuju tu karl :) ak pantang study awal ni, takut terlampau byk yg taw, nti bercelaru kepala...hehehehe

LoveIsPurple said...

hahaha kyox, xyah la study wei..
hang tu da pandai da pn...~!!

.::sabbyana::. said...

yeay~~!! saye shukee highlight notes saye...chantekk.colorful.smngt cket nk bace..hahahaha

LoveIsPurple said...

wah!honourednyer yot anta comment kt i..hehehehhe...anyway, i pn da terikut awk now ni..hehehe