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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Story of the Day

me n rynn...
emma, dyh n ckyn y ss..hahaha

bahak in his 50 years~!ahaks!what were we looking at??
curry laksa yg amat menyelerakan....nsb bek dlm mangkuk, kalu x, de yg kena fire neh...hhehe
nasi lemak with curry...
ckyn a.k.a minah ss
neh la cutlery yg terpaksa kami gn due to xde air...huhuuhu

After went through hard and tough night, i finally manage to get myself to bed, dreaming.i really could not recall every dream i have gone through.but still, i woke up today with smile on my face..to make my day worst, around 930, i was forced to wake up to go to college cos i was supposed to submit P&D ass today..i thought friends can sign the submission form but cannot. me, ermm A.S.A.P went to college.."xurban ler lect2 neh, bg jela ktorg sain bknnye kami xanta esaimen pn!""ntah!,it's not a big deal la~! were among many of the conversation we shared there.it was chaos in the department,~!u can imagine how..hurmmm rafida yg baik2 n murni itu pn got scolded, by two lecturers ag tuh...poor her~!sbr ekk fidah X(!
utk mengubt ati yg lara n perot yg suda minta diisi ni, we decided to eat at Tesco, testing a new restaurant named Pak Hailam Kopitiam..well, we are the 'food fairies'.. nti ley rekemen kt yot@food disaster~!!hehe.sowie yer yot..i love the deco,very da urban+tradisional..ala-ala kg la..
got the menu, everyone was looking what's gonna eat n drink..i chose curry laksa with hot chocolate.ckyn n emma chose nasi lemak with curry.tup2 dtg tuh kan...waaa polystyrene, wtf???!!!really, lime honey juice in a plastic cup!!!chocolate milkshake~~!!!OMG, we knew we have gone to the wrong restaurant..!!once again, "apela kedai ni, nmpak je cantep tp huh!xurban langsung~~!!"eeeii, xbebaloi bayar mahal2 weh!"...came da dish, sume da cam xde mood kan,xpenah2 ag jd camni before taw :((!tp cos sume kebuluq, hentam je ar...waaahhh, da food was delicious,~~!!tip-top!xsangke...hehe.rynn ngn ayat dia,"mknan okay, tp kna improve presentation", hahahha. presentation tuh,..oral presentation ehh rynn...?heheehe.den, went up to buy something to eat before holiday starts..i ngn xmalunye, na g toilet, tp unfortunately, dat was no water resources.hurrrmmm, no wonder Pak Hailam Kopitiam tuh use polystyrene, xdak air rupenyer :P...punyela kami mengutuk td..waaaaa xpasal2 tertambah dosa kami2 kan..~~!!xjd la nak banned dat restaurant..we will go there again, wait for us ya Kopitiam..heheheh!
enuff said la k.gonna watch muvie..THE UNBORN~!!

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cutekatak said...

jeles la tu ngan aku yang camtep ni....
ckp aku ss lak
tu sape yang x *****....heheh inagt kamoo ada rahsia ngan diri ku.....ngeh3x

LoveIsPurple said...

hahahhaha i terlupe la plak..hehehehheh
alaaa u ney, kite kan bestfriend, rahsia antara kite2 je taw...hehehhe