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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

U girlsss Roccckkss!

Done with da assgnmentss.done wth all da crap.done wth all da stay-up late(really??).hahah done with all da life things.waitt~!!dont get me wrong, I'm still alive n in a happy mode now...wanna know why...??this evening,my housemates, all of 'em, including lynn, our sepupu-sepapap, yot, tot n sot went to times square.the main plan was bowling.we managed to get the price for the early birds(only rm12 for 4 games, worth right??), but I tell u it was really-really tiring.hahaha not because we have to bowl the ball, but cause of shouting and gugu gaga'ing' among ourselves.we have so much fun der.we went there by rynn's WRW.a bonus for us cos we dun have to wait for da lrt, believe me it takes so long~~!!xcaye, erm xamerika lg arr...hehehe.went up there, at 5th level the cemarians n naz have been waitin' for us.i was so hungry, i felt like dun wanna play, but i gagahkan jua...hehehhe for bowling!den, we went to buy MCD McValue Lunch.very affordable for someone worried bout da over-da-limit budget like me.hehe.kenyang~~!half of us went to sushi king.BONANZA day card.RM2 for all plates.very2 mmmpphhhh~~!!besttt gilerrr, sadly i think we were da only malays who ate there. at least until we have finished..we went up for prayers.planned to eat sushi king again, me,yot, lynn, piyey n naz.yot again.food shock~~!haha.but really worth as we got to have the 'tori karage' and 'prawn what i dunno'..hehe puass ati wa ckp lu...we continued our journey, (wah, journey!)hehehe metafora tol,to watch movie, JANGAN TEGUR..bestt~~!i gave it four stars...da sound effect was marvelous, it was lots of screaming takes place.haha yot da peluk2 i, mmg extreme dak neh~!erm, den we thought of going back home, everyone looked tired, me??not really actually...hurmm i suggested lynn to eat at Sweetchat, believe me, she was jumping when hearing it, hahaha kelakor la lynn..heheh shuke shgt la dia bl dpt g mkn kt tpt yg dia na g sgt tuh...hahahah i ate 'pulut hitan with paste with durian'...not bad, tp a bit of muak cos of the coconut milk..~!!errrhhh, puhlezzz, i can't finish it, u know, cam na muntah..den i go dizzy sbb durian..weekkk!so, we went back home wth a happy face.hehheh.
enuff for today.

Gossip Girl.


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

owh hoo..men bwling smpai lebam..sakitt tgnn..penat gaelll2! balik umah tros pengsan..tidoqqq

but..lets do it again sometimes..dat was fun!! ehe~~

cutekatak said...

konsepnya berfoya foya la semalam
memang best..
jgn tegur membuatkan aku menjerit tgk cite hantu>>>>
uhuhuh xpenah 2ni

LoveIsPurple said...

berfoya-foya la kite smlm ek...YESSSS!!!finally ak berjy gak wat u ol tgk JGn Tegur~!!HEHEHEHEHanyway, best la cite tu wlpn ending dia agak unexpected....ahhahahaha

LoveIsPurple said...

tp cik sara, xurban la xg tgk JGN TEGUR smlm~~!!!hahahah