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Sunday, May 31, 2009

0 Weirdness

things happen, we forgot. 
we tend to forget it cos it's not good to be remmembered. 
people make mistakes, we often heard this. 
no matter how many times u have done it, 
people around you always come soothe 
you with this 'miracle' saying. 

haha. easy huh? it's good if we really want to change,
 turn over a new leaf and become a useful person 
for our family especially. 
but what if we not?

to whom we must put the blame on? the saying? 
haha.to someone who owe me 'that', 
i wish your life is full of blissfull and happiness.
 i won't let my heart get fooled again. 
i won't compromise, i will do things on my own way 
unless another way is the bestest.
most importantly, i won't let people look down on me anymore~!

Gossip Girl.