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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


hi..it's been ages since I changed my blog's look...
now, as I really- really loove Purple so, I turned up my blog 
to be a Purple one with the word Love on it..hehe. 
it do have meaning to me...
oh my gosh, before I go any further, I'd love to tell u that I 
miss Putrajaya Brigdge damn much~!huhu~~!
I juz love to be there, I know i won't b bored being there all night..
hehe. FYI, it's very chilly~!and the scene, the lights surroundings, damn fantastic!
yup, I know a bit overeacting happen..hehe..

ok, so now hope u have fun visiting my blog,.
tho, the entry were not really enjoyable and meaningful to read, huhu
I really appreciate it..hurm..
btw, thanks for reading..
it's only what's in my mind so I hope no one will get over-sensitive

Gossip Girl


I am Karl said...


sakit mata den


LoveIsPurple said...

hahah..sakit kew??heheh i shuke la purple..na wat cane..