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Saturday, May 16, 2009

For All The Teachers (to be oso!)

Today is the most meaningful day for teachers all over the world.
 it is a day for the teachers
and for the students to appreciate their teacher's 
effort in guiding and helping 'em 
to become a successfull person in the world and the hereafter. 
I wished to all my teachers who taught me 
when I was in the kindergarten, primary school
(I was schooled at SK Kedai Piah) , secondary school (at Sek Sains Machang), 
lecturers and not forgotten all my tuisyen teacher's yg 
xpenah bosan mengajar n mengajar jgk supaya 
I bejaya esp mase SPM dulu..hehee.
I ni kureng sket Add Math..puas berhempas-pulas bru la dpt jd cam skrg ni.
nasib bek la I have all the support and confidence to answer the paper. 
neh gmbr2 mase I kt Sains Machang, 
ms kt primary skul xde kot gmbr sbb my school xbwat
majalah skolah.so, i displaykan gmbr2 ni tuk mengingatkan kembali kenangan2
terindah kt skolah yg byk berjasa n cikgu2 yg byk membentuk diriku n what 
I have become today,.
Thanks to all the teachers that showered me with the never-ending
patience and commitment!

gmbr ni maser I form 2..hehe~!

ni setapak ag I na jd y plg senior kt skool.sek netok!

ney, maser Form 3.rindu kt member2 sume~!

 Thanks for making us what we are today. Happy teachers Day!!!


kyox said...

heppy teachers day~

LoveIsPurple said...

happy teacher's day to u too my dear :))