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Thursday, June 25, 2009


when I look at this award, I honestly say that I was amazed, fascinated.
It was so nice, with a great striking green.
it can make your eyes bigger and prettier...I guess...
but really, Thanks zillionnn times to Nadhirah
for giving me such a lovely award!

as I loooovvveee this award so much,
I also wanted my friends to put on their page too>>

Kak Mariam

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a fuss!

I know it's already 2 in da morning..

my eyes still blinking forcing hard to open..

life seems unconditionally un-handle-able these days..

fought, quarelled, viruses getting serious..

I was worried, feeling unsettled..

will it safe, will the dreams come true?

staring blankly outside..
dark, no sounds, leaving only the raindrops..

I wish someone understand..

the pain, the sacrifices I had made..

for someone else joy, and laughter..
I wish I could tell the world..to stop..

to get back to the moment of MY happiness..

and make this tears fade away..

Gossip Girl

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little But Meaningful!

stuck in da middle of sumthin
saltwater droplets seems no politeness
running smoothly on my miserable face
what the hell is happening?
deep down I asked my heart why
it said nothing, it will never!
to whom should I go?
friends, I miss U
all of u.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show Me Your Love

today is June 11th, 12 44 a.m,
in a week I'll turn out 21.
if I am an American, I will be allowed to drink and have ***.
hehe.I said, 'IF'
so, to celebrate the coming special day, (to me~!)
i've listed some questions for my friends to answer.hehe
If u answer it sincerely and honestly, I appreciate it so much!
and I consider it as my birthday gift.easy rite?
there goes the questions.

1.You were born on:
June 18th 1988

2.Who else share the same birth date:
haha.I dun have any idea.
I guess there are many great person who were born on the
same date like me.
I wish them Happy Birthday!

3.Tell me your dreams:
I dream to always be happy and my life full of bliss.
I dream to be married with the person I loved the most.
I dream that my family will always in a good health and out of trouble.

4.A bit of yourself:
Just an ordinary person who can be extraordinary when I have to.
far-sighted and have lots of opinion.

5.Where is your hometown:
Kelantan.I am proud to be a Kelantanese.
Screw what people say, 'What do u mean by typical Kelantanese?'
We are we.

6. 3 things you wish for as your birthday presents:
hehe.yg ni plg best.kalu bleh nak banyak.maklumlah wish kan...
*Bear (any kind of bear) I love it!
*love quotes and saying by the person I love. (how romantic!)
*I want a fairy. (so that she can grant every wish I want-->) hehe.

7.Whom you will invite to your birthday party:
~my family, on top of the list, of course!
~the king of my heart.
~my bestfriends. (u knw who u are)
~all of my friends.
the more the merrier.

whoever it is depends on my budget.we need to save money
for the future, needn't we?

8.Do u like cake with candles or w/out candles:
with candles.more meaningful.

9.If u plan to do a surprise birthday party for someone, how will it be:
she/he must not need to know!
I'll choose the place where he/she loves to go the most.
the perfect cake.the perfect gift.
Flour, perhaps some eggs.we r gonna hv fun, baby!

10.Ermmm...is it for a girl/boy?:
haha.both.I love to see my friends happy.
but I really want to do a surprise party for my boyfriend.
I think I have to wait for that time.

11.Who is he/she to you?:
~my friends.
~my boyfriend

12.What gift will u give him/her?
I don't know.
I think if we are sincere enough, it'll turn out to be a best gift ever, right?
unless, she/he is a daughter or a son of Donald Trumph!
who wouldn't be my friends for ever!haha.

13.Give this to the person you love:
(reminder:"love" is not only for couple)


words: dis is the first time I create tag.If i made mistake, I am so sorry~!
will be better next time.I hope.

Gossip Girl

Tell Me Your Dreams

Si'.Tell me ur dreams. She speaks Italian accent and eloquent.
Do you remember Alette Peters and Toni Prescott?
She was conscious. She was under one of her alters control.
No!, Stop It, Father!Don't!

haha.what the heck am I writing all that?
they are actually the dialouge/sentences from the
real case book, Tell Me Your Dreams written
by a very famous author, Sidney Sheldon.
It takes me only half a day to finish reading it.
the story was so beautifully written
and really made me stunned.
and gasping to know what will happen to Ashley Patterson.
will she be executed?is she guilty?
i should give the credit to Emma for recommending
me to read and buy this book. until today I can still
remmember most of the lines from the book.
in the middle, this book succeed in making me uncomfortable
when the serial killer (she murdered five men and castrated them!)
yu huu honestly, i wasn't able to sleep peacefully
that night. fuh~!it really leave an impact on me..

wanna know more?
I encouraged the readers (not only a book worm) to buy
this book.I assure u will be satisfied.
not only satisfied but very.

Gossip Girl

Saturday, June 06, 2009

[E]ntah Ler Ira ^..^

Saya seorang yang hebat kerana:
*Sy mampu berdikari.hidup atas kaki sndiri.
dr umo 12 tahun smpai la skrg.tpt sy blaja sume ade 'hostel'.

*Sy bley brtukar mood bile-bile mase jer.cam mentadak je.leh tukar kaler.
lbey krg la tu ngn sy.hehe.sy sdey jap, a min then sy leh hepi blik.

*Sy bley stay up smpai kol bape pon.ngan syarat, kena ade internet,
ade movie utk di 'kelih'.kalu g kt jmbtn putrajaya pn sy xngntuk.

*Sy bley lalui pengalamn yg t'pahit pnah sy alami.losing someone I love the most.
seksa n siksa tp kerna hebatnya sy, I am fully recover now!

*Sy xsuka menyusahkn org lain.selagi sy bley bwat satu2 hal sy akn cuba.
'He' was da one who make me learn not to ask for any help from others.

*Sy xtakot air.hehe.yekez??suka sgt tp xpandai berenang.

*Sy harapn my family.is that supposed to make me feel COOL?

*Sy seorg yg kuat smangat.K.O.T.ahakz!

*byk lg sbnrnye kekuatan sy..tp I need not have to tell them all.
everyone has their own abilities as well as weakness.
so, dat what makes people one UNIQUE creature!

Gossip Girl

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Replying Another Tagged ^_^

1)Bekas kekasih saya adalah...
iskk..malasnye na jwb soklan ni.stdent IPG sm ngn sy gak, I've no prob talking bout him cos he doesn't matter to me at all...hehe (evilly laugh!)

2)Saya sedang mendengar...
no boundaries.adam lambert's version.

Just when u think the road is going nowhere,
Just when u almost gave up on ur dreams,
They take u by the hand and show u that u can...

a very motivational song.ira, u shud listen to dis.jgn dgr lagu jiwang2 n slow2, nti u'll get hurt even more :-(

3)Mungkin saya patut...
pegi amik charger sbb laptop sy is almost running out of batteries.hehe.jap taw!
I'm back.

4)Saya suka...
jwb tag!haha.I love talking to my boyfriend. I love da state I am in right now. being with my family n siblings. no other feeling is as good as this.

5)Sahabat-sahabat saya...
My bestfriends, my tears and joy, my housemates, my taxi's partners, my crying shoulders, my tutors, my chef(s)..

6)Saya tak paham...
knp la org suke amik rasuah?hurm kalu xmkn rasuah xknla runtuh bumbung Stadium kt Terengganu tu..hehe. tp how many can resist the calling for money, though?

7)Saya kehilangan...
dia.seorg yg sy percaya n sayang sesungguh2nya.pedih,sakit,terluka. Tp skrg I have someone who can cure my once-being-hurt heart. and the most important n matter to me now is him, my love. do I sound happy? yes, I am. indeed I am.

8)Ramai yang berkata...
cinta itu buta.is that right?betul la kot. sbb kalu kite tgk sekeliling, org skrg ni xpandang paras da kalu bercinta, yg ptg baik hati budi n menyayangi diri kita seadanya...

10)Cinta itu adalah...
persaan yg indah n amatla bahagia.tu pun kalu kite jumpa ngan da right person. kalu x asyik terluka je xde guna jgk. kan...kan...kan??

11)Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang...
bwat keje kot.last tyme I talked to him on the phone, he said he's going to do some work.

12)Saya akan cuba...
make him happy.the happiest n the luckiest person for having me as a girlfriend.

13)Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud...
together forever.janji sehidup semati tp kubur lain-lain.hehe.

14)Telefon bimbit saya..
berfungsi ngan elok.walaupun xlah mahal n xcanggih, (xde bluetooth pon~) sy gembira menggunakannye.at least bleh gak masukkan lagu n dengar time buhsan2 tu.

15)Bila saya terjaga...
sy tgk handphone.Kol bape da skrg ni???haha.

16)Saya paling meluat...
ntah la.biase la tu setiap org ade negatif as well as positive nya.just Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover.people can look decent but what's in their mind, who knows?rite?

17)Pesta/parti adalah...
satu mase utk kita lepaskan stress n be happy with friends.ktorg pn penah wat BBQ ramai2 hr tu.meriah sgt!look further to repeat dat momentos again =P

18)Haiwan yang paling comel pernah saya temui...
Tiger.kt dlm Sunway Lagoon.comey sgt, kalu la dia jinak mst best peluk...waaahh~!

19)Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah...
19 years old.I've been accepted to study in KL, dat the most sweetest tyme in my life.however, as I have been in KL for quite some time, I was feeling bored.huh!

20)Hari ini...
cam hari-hari biase jer. duk tgk tv, bace novel.camtu lah hidup org xpyh g cls or xyah bwat keje2 umah kan...?besttttnyer!

21)Malam ini saya akan...
da mlm pun.sy ngah reply tag from nadhirah ni.

22)Esok pula saya akan...
pg2 ag sy, umi n adik2 akn ke umah tok kt PC, preparing for Che Da's wedding day.there goes my sleeping time.I think dat's what we called sacrifice.hehe.

23)Saya betul² inginkan...
tubuh yg slim. biase la tu...hahaha.tp xbrmakna I xbangga n xbersyukur ngn kondisi I skrg ni.cuma wish to be more slimmer.huh!bleh ke???

24)Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini...
alhamdulillah.xtumbuh satu jerawat pon.ahaks!haha.

25)Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan...
SHOPPING MALL, of course!xtaw nape tp I suke beli pape sorg2, more privacy I think.

26)Makanan barat atau Jepun...
dua2 I tibai, hehe.kalu org na belanja ape ag.I makan je sume2 asalkan halal.

27)Bilik yang terang atau gelap...
in da middle.kalu da ngantuk, I bley je tdo wlau ape keadaan pon.xmemilih la katekan...*_*

28)Makanan segera adalah...
tyme sengkek.Maggi jd teman baik.senang n sedap, tp berkhasiat n bley mmbw penyakit.so, jgn slalu mkn taw!(nasihat kt diri sendiri)

29)Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorang...
Saya: "jangan lupa msg dulu sblm tido"
Dia: "erm..yelah" (cam mls jer, uwek =P)

30)Siapa yang anda ingin tag...
xnk tag sape2..bley kan...?
haaa ade sorg I na tag:
^-^ Ckyn!(mn la mung hilang wei??)
^-^lynn (tq for following my blog~!)

my 30 cents words: tag ni bagus sbb sume ade.wishes, hope, dreams.kalu na lbey knal diri sndiri, jwb la tag ni...wah, promote~!lalalallala

Gossip Girl

Confusion I am!

I have nothing in mind...
feel the pain in my head headache I guess...
I think I need to close my eyes...
in my comfy bed.
but here I am...
still writing n listening to the song,
Because You Live by sweet, young Jesse...
I 'have to' sleep...
however, my eyes force to remain open...
what shud I do?
go straight to bed or stick in here?
I am confused.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tag by Nadhirah ♥

1. Guna handphone apa?? ( with pic )
Sony Ericsson W200i. hanset ke-2 yg sy miliki after Sony K700i dulu. ni pn dpt sbb abah yg belikan. sy belom ag beli brg2 elektronik guna duet sndiri. hehe.simpan duet (kite xtaw ape akn jd di maser depan kan..kan...kan??)
gambar??aduss, nak google jap eh..>>

haaa...tu diaa..lbey kurang cam gitu la hp sy..yg bezanya sy nyer kaler biru..

2. Guna kereta /motor apa? ( with pic )
honestly, I've got no car or motorcycle.I rode a taxi to college. but family sy de keta.dua buah.Honda Vios n Viva.alaaa xyah tnjuk gmbr pn org taw pe.. =P

3. Guna wallet rupanya macam mana? ( with pic )
I xde wallet.tp ade purse. hehe.purse sy kaler itam, from B.U.M Equipment. tp kalu tyme jln2 I senang bwak yg tpt org ltk kad pengenalan tuu..mudah, kecil n flexible. na letak kad mmg tiptop. gerenti puas ati. hehe. (influence dr mat anep penyelam!)

4. Guna apa untuk update blog? ( with pic )
huh?guna ape?erm first of all kna ade internet connection la kan...kalu x, mn bley surf tenet n definitely xley bkk blog.I gn my laptop utk update.kalu mls na bkk laptop, I gn je PC kt umah..

5. Guna jam tangan apa?
ODM. haha.kaler biru. cait!mn de, I xmmpu lar na beli mahal2 ni.I pakai jam berharge 10 hengget je.kalu rosak tu, xde la syg sgt na buang kan...lg satu gmbr xde sbb I xamik gmbr jam.xde pekdah...+_+ hehe.

6. Soalan terakhir..kena tag lagi 5 orang..
erm.xtaw la na tag sape.sume ngah cuti mst lambt dorg na reply.

my words: sume yg di atas adlh benar-benar belaka. tiada kaitan antara yg hidup atau yg di alam lain.almaklum.... *_))

Gossip Girl