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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show Me Your Love

today is June 11th, 12 44 a.m,
in a week I'll turn out 21.
if I am an American, I will be allowed to drink and have ***.
hehe.I said, 'IF'
so, to celebrate the coming special day, (to me~!)
i've listed some questions for my friends to answer.hehe
If u answer it sincerely and honestly, I appreciate it so much!
and I consider it as my birthday gift.easy rite?
there goes the questions.

1.You were born on:
June 18th 1988

2.Who else share the same birth date:
haha.I dun have any idea.
I guess there are many great person who were born on the
same date like me.
I wish them Happy Birthday!

3.Tell me your dreams:
I dream to always be happy and my life full of bliss.
I dream to be married with the person I loved the most.
I dream that my family will always in a good health and out of trouble.

4.A bit of yourself:
Just an ordinary person who can be extraordinary when I have to.
far-sighted and have lots of opinion.

5.Where is your hometown:
Kelantan.I am proud to be a Kelantanese.
Screw what people say, 'What do u mean by typical Kelantanese?'
We are we.

6. 3 things you wish for as your birthday presents:
hehe.yg ni plg best.kalu bleh nak banyak.maklumlah wish kan...
*Bear (any kind of bear) I love it!
*love quotes and saying by the person I love. (how romantic!)
*I want a fairy. (so that she can grant every wish I want-->) hehe.

7.Whom you will invite to your birthday party:
~my family, on top of the list, of course!
~the king of my heart.
~my bestfriends. (u knw who u are)
~all of my friends.
the more the merrier.

whoever it is depends on my budget.we need to save money
for the future, needn't we?

8.Do u like cake with candles or w/out candles:
with candles.more meaningful.

9.If u plan to do a surprise birthday party for someone, how will it be:
she/he must not need to know!
I'll choose the place where he/she loves to go the most.
the perfect cake.the perfect gift.
Flour, perhaps some eggs.we r gonna hv fun, baby!

10.Ermmm...is it for a girl/boy?:
haha.both.I love to see my friends happy.
but I really want to do a surprise party for my boyfriend.
I think I have to wait for that time.

11.Who is he/she to you?:
~my friends.
~my boyfriend

12.What gift will u give him/her?
I don't know.
I think if we are sincere enough, it'll turn out to be a best gift ever, right?
unless, she/he is a daughter or a son of Donald Trumph!
who wouldn't be my friends for ever!haha.

13.Give this to the person you love:
(reminder:"love" is not only for couple)


words: dis is the first time I create tag.If i made mistake, I am so sorry~!
will be better next time.I hope.

Gossip Girl


I am Karl said...

hepi becoming besday

in case lupa nk wish kan


no naughty stuff

all d ebst next sem!

LoveIsPurple said...

thanx karl...~!
btw, kasut n kemeja yg ur mum gave tu, cantekkkk bangatt~!
I like~~!!!

NaDhiRaH~" said...

happy becoming besday ye..
takot x igt..
smoga pnjg umo, dimurahkan rezeki n happy always with him!!

NaDhiRaH~" said...

slh la..
happy belated..
ira sudah mengong la..huhu..
sowi dear..huhu..

LoveIsPurple said...

hahahha...xpe la syg~!
having u as a friend pn is enuff for me~!
wish our friendship last long, aite~?