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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tell Me Your Dreams

Si'.Tell me ur dreams. She speaks Italian accent and eloquent.
Do you remember Alette Peters and Toni Prescott?
She was conscious. She was under one of her alters control.
No!, Stop It, Father!Don't!

haha.what the heck am I writing all that?
they are actually the dialouge/sentences from the
real case book, Tell Me Your Dreams written
by a very famous author, Sidney Sheldon.
It takes me only half a day to finish reading it.
the story was so beautifully written
and really made me stunned.
and gasping to know what will happen to Ashley Patterson.
will she be executed?is she guilty?
i should give the credit to Emma for recommending
me to read and buy this book. until today I can still
remmember most of the lines from the book.
in the middle, this book succeed in making me uncomfortable
when the serial killer (she murdered five men and castrated them!)
yu huu honestly, i wasn't able to sleep peacefully
that night. fuh~!it really leave an impact on me..

wanna know more?
I encouraged the readers (not only a book worm) to buy
this book.I assure u will be satisfied.
not only satisfied but very.

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marhoney said...

sidney sheldon is the best....

LoveIsPurple said...

yup..have u read it my dear?

medula_5iver said...

kan btol org ckp cter nih syiok~~!!hhehee..

LoveIsPurple said...