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Monday, June 01, 2009

What a Girl Wants In a Relationship

Guys amuse me, annoy me and provoke all kinds of emotions in me and sometimes i am not sure whether to love them or hate them. The overwhelming levels of joy and pain they cause are approximately equal.

They make you so happy and the next moment they say something which makes you want to slap them so hard on the face. The emotional confusion is too much that girls want guys to know exactly how to treat them. Is it that they have no clue about what to do or are they natural sadists? Somebody make me understand how a guy tells a girl she is smart and even before she enjoys the comment he complains that the hair style is overstayed. It immediately overshadows the first comment.

As a girl, my experience with guys have left me wishing that they would know some things. Their is nothing annoying than a smelly guy around. Guys walk around in closed shoes most of the times and the feet sweat a lot. Girls want guys to know that they ought to observe hygiene for the sake of their girls if not for their own sake. Wash your feet after a long day and fit in some open shoes. Is that too much to ask? Girls want guys to know that nothing turns them off than bad breath. It might be a medical problem but please guys, learn how to deal with it. She wouldn't be complaining if she noticed some effort in curbing the ill-breath. If you notice you have such a problem, try to look for remedies. Some piece of advice. Do not keep your mouth shut for long but i did not tell you to develop a mouth diarrhea. Do not talk unnecessarily. Chewing is one among many ways of ensuring that their is breath refreshment.

Guys are so careless that sometimes i can't help but accuse them of taking advantage of the men to women ratio. I believe for a fact that girls are comparatively many but how i pray you will be doomed to lack a girl you can call your own. I am very sure you would feel a man enough to have many girls fighting for your attention. It will be your choice. Do not be careless enough to prick your nose and belch any how. What do you call this if not bad manners. Girls want guys to know that your good looks doesn't automatically qualify you if you still do this. It is a bad habit especially in public and a number one turn off.

Girls want guys to know that it breaks their heart to openly stare at other lovelies passing by. Though this is very difficult for the brothers. They will always have a roving eye. Please try to be a gentleman and however much you feel it is irresistible, do her some justice. Girls are jealous and their perception justifies what they think. If you stare you will be labelled a player. Girls do not say it to you but they will be silently praying that miracles happen and you change.

words: agree with me? we always love to be loved tho we have been hurt before, just so like me~!haha. y?because its L.O.V.E.who want to be hated by people, i won't!

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NaDhiRaH~" said...

that rite..
boys usually same..
nani, ira xdpt nak add nani kat ym la..ym ira sengal2 ayam ari ni..huhu..nani add la ira k..