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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It Makes me Sad T_T

my sis is home today.30th June 2009.
she must be feeling extremely happy to be home.
you know, after several months away from family.
truth, I miss her too : )
though we stay in KL,
but I went der to study
and she for work.
hence, its hard to find time to go out together.

we went to KB.
the main reason was to take my mum to da hosp.
nak taw ap yg sbnrnya terjadi.
swasta da pegi, now gov calling.
no need to worry.
its juz a common thing normally happen to
women around 40-50 yrs.
everything's alrite!

its already 9 and everyone was starving.
my sis decided for us to eat at Rest. Shafie.
we love the food there cos it's very delicious
and assure satisfaction for every customer.
we ate silently (evry1 starve, remember!)
and she paid.Thank u.

in the car, we didn't talk much sbb sume da ngantuk.
even abah has to change the way.
(at first he wanted to go to jalan kampung
instead of jalan bandar sbb dekat)
said kak long, "jale bandar ni xngatuk sket"
iyer ke?

den, abah tnye, "bilo kak ngoh g?"
aku, "skali nge kak long la"
umi plak ckp.
"ermm pahni xdop la kak ngoh,
kalu dok pagi2 jenguk ado dok tido atah katil
pahni gak tgk bantal jah la"
abah, "pg2 g kijo tgk ado atah katil,
abah slow kipas, pahni gak xdok la..
dale 2-3 minggu plok kito dok teringat ko dio"


p/s: bertuah sbb ade family yg penyayang.org yg xde family mcmn la agakny yer..huuu~~

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