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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melawan Kesepian

Mahu menulis tp xtaw ape nk ditulis...
Mahu ku curahkan segala yg tersirat...
Namun, aku rela.. pasrah...
Dia Yang Maha Mengetahui...

Semoga kepergianku tak akan merubah apa pun
Semoga mampu ku lawan kesepian ku....


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Edisi Kebusanan Sehh!

bosan ! bosan ! bosan !
xtaw na bwat ape lahh !
rutin harian yg same je everday...
bgun tdo, mandi, tgk tv, then men intenet.
bkk fesbuk ! men game !
xmenghiburkn laaa~
g KB pn da bosan, duk g tpt same je =(
kalu x KbMall, Tesco, kalu x, g mkn ajeh..
aiseh ! bosan ! bosan !
g tgk page Karl td, bestnya bley g holiday..
siap g Sarawak lg~ asikkk~~ (katenya Indon)
hehehe. pape pn, ak sedey jugak.
sbbnya lg 10 hr ak bakal pulang ke KL.
mmg best blik sane, jmpe kwn2..
tp malas amat na stat kelas,
ngn subjek yg xbest langsung tuh !

huhu ! bosan bosan !



hmm.yeah.today or to be exact, its 16th of December, and here I am in my bed writing here. dunno what to do. have slept for like an hour after Maghrib prayer. and I now I don't feel sleepy at all. huh!I should not have slept though. whatever it is, I am trying to make my eyes tired and then close the day.

I woke up late after performed subuh prayer. (on 15th Dec, of course) I only began my day when my dear prince called me. we talked, when suddenly my younger brother came to me and told that my sister's application to HUSM has been rejected. .....................................................................................
I am speechless, really. Ya Allah, how come! She did so well. She answered all the question with confident and respect. She deserves to be in. She got experience, in a private hospital! Hey, what type of person you really want, hah?!2#&@(&@(&(@&@)&!*^!^!!

but then, I came to my sense that we should all come back to Our Creator, ALLAH. I realized that sometimes we could not get everything that we wanted. no matter how eager we are to get that thing, but when it is not meant for you, you will not get it. but, once we failed don't ever stopped from trying and trying.
sustenance is everywhere. if we know where to find and must be through the right way. every member in my family was u know, speechless. its like we were grieving of someone death. sad and frustrated.

I pity my sister, yes I do. but I pity my daddy 10 times greater than her. He did so much that he could do to help my sister get in. and I could see from his face that he is indeed frustrated. maybe he is even crying inside. he is the best father in the world. thank you so much, abah! he motivated himself that Allah want him to realize that when HE wants to give, HE will give, even if we just let the faith decide. however, once HE wants to test whether we could accept the fact with patience or not, we do not know when. so, trust HIM, HE is The Almighty. remember, whoever we are, whenever we are, we will go back to HIM one day. Don't put the blame in anyone then the world will be better. always look yourself in the mirror and asked, 'have I done something wrong?' in the end, you will feel peaceful. believe me~

Then, my dad called a person named En. Saufi from a hospital for military in Wangsa Maju. and Alhamdulillah, eventhough my sister is the only one who haven't registered, her name is still there. means she is still accepted to be one of the nurses in that hospital. See, Allah is fair. when HE closed a door, HE opens another. don't worry, its all for the world, only for living.

I guess that is all I want to share with you guys. if you drop by, be my guest and do come again next time. its just a piece of me that sometimes I find it hard to say in reality. So, have a nice day, everybody!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tunggu Punye Tunggu.Alahai

today is 12th December 2009.
I supposed to get my result yesterday but until now, i cannot see it.
oh my gosh, what the fuck is happening?
what the hell are they thinking of repairing at this moment?
da setahun berlalu nape skrg bru nk under maintenance??
mmg la, shit!
punye la xsabar nk taw result, berdebar2 sume, bukan aku je, ramai yg menunggu,
maklumla sape xnk tgk result, kan?ishh, pehal la...!
name je universiti no 1 kt malaysia, tp sistem siot je.hampeh.
bkn menyenangkan, makin menyusahkan ade ler.
register online la, check result online la, bajet canggih la kunun, kalu xde problem xpela jugak. xmarah2 pon. ni x, time genting2 camni la nk repair sistem yg rosak la ape... xreti ke.
ur students of cos la na tgk result,
xleh ke pastikan sistem tu work efficiently when the time come?

skrg, da xde da rase berdebar2 nak taw eh..
lantak la ngn UMSISWEB tuh...
LEH BLAH aje! tggu slip pos lg bek..
smlm chek leh sbar ag, mn taw kot2 dia nak selaraskan markah2 tu sume,
tp hr ni pn still the same.
bape lame lak mase nk amik neh????!!
xkn smapai akhir bln ni kot, duh!
hmmm. macam2 la. kan xpasal2 ak da membebel kt sini....alahai. dush dush!