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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Biasanya aku lelap tidur…
Terbangun ‘tuk fikirkan diri mu
Mengenangmu yang kini telah jauh

Biasanya aku tenang tidur
Terbuaiku mengingat dirimu
Mencintamu namun kau terlalu jauh

Kucuba lupakan dirimu
Mengingatmu hancurkan hatiku

Dahulu seia sekata,
Namun kini semua telah berlalu...
Sayang kuingatkan dirimu….
Bahawa ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu.

Sayang kuingatkan dirimu….
Bahawa ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu.



Happy is a word that describe people in the state of doing something enjoyable and fun, without having to worry of something else. Happy is a word that we often hope people to feel when we see someone for the first time. Happy is a word that often get someone unhappy to feel jealous. I love to see and make people feel happy. I tend to realize that I do and think of others much than i think about myself. I'm lying if i said i cared about all the people, since i don't really care much. I love to make sure people happy though i don't. i am so emotional, so unperfect, so egoistic. i admit it. Happy can suit me? Nah. whatever.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I dont know what title suit this..

After two weeks, I am finally able to see my laptop again. i dont know what to write cos there are so many things in my mind. sometimes people tend to misinterpret, sometimes people tend to ignore, i prefer the second. i cry when i feel loke crying, i stay calm when i feel tired of drowning in tears. peolpe does not have to know. i thought i can solve all the problems by myself, which is i know, i am a bit egoistic, but that is what i thought of myself. i can do anything if i want to. hmmm how to relate this to what i feel now? maybe i should get some sleep and all the problem will be gone when i wake up tomorrow. oh someone, please let it go out of my head! i'm sick of having to think, and then at the same time trying to cheer up though i hurt inside. well, no one knows. and what makes it worse, when people tend not to appreciate the effort i made, u know the effort of trying to draw a fake smile on my face so that people wont feel uncomfortable..but people are people. i can't expect them to behave the way i want them too. same to me, people can't make me behave the way they want me to if i am not willingly to behave that way. it just common in living in the society. we give and take. so now, i am at which sides? the give side or the take side? lol. what am i talking about? haha, me myself find it stuck and this get nonsense as it grows longer and longer. hahaha. such a bad writer i am. so, i think the idea of sleeping here is very-very good. I should sleep and get out of this problem.

Tomorrow, when i wake up, i hope to feel fresh and ready to revise for Leadership this monday. i hope to not to remember what people had saide to me and what things happened before i sleep. At least that my hope.

Gossip Girl

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Words can Kill.

Time passes by, clock ticking unstoppable, yeah, here I am after about two months not writing anything in here. just now my best friend, Pok Mat asked me to help him with his blog, until then I realized that I actually abandoned my own blog for quite sometimes. My attention nowadays has been drawn to one of the most popular website that is Facebook. I have to admit that I have been quite obsessed with Facebook, as whenever I turned on my laptop, the first and foremost thing I will do is checking on my profile. It does not matter though people leave their comments on my page or not, I just loved to see people express their feelings on their wall. It opens my eyes about the whole new things. Friendship betrayal, supporting comments. I learned good and new things on the Facebook.

okey, enough. Cos I am not here to talk about Facebook. u can explore it on your own. Or rather what I have told you is what you already know. So, I better stop right now!

Continue tonight...got to go.

Hey, Imma be. Haha opsss, its the latest song of the Black Eyed Peas lor...lol~!hahaha I'm back.
forget to tell ya'll, I went to see KL Drift 2 at Leisure Mall just now. Nice job to Aaron Aziz and Shahiezy Sam for their super super great acting. I love them both! credit also goes to Syamsul Yusof for the great movie he produced. okey, enuf about it. but psssttt, u should go and watch this movie, honestly, I think this piece can compete with the drift movies from overseas. support local maaa~~hahaha.

hmm. the real story. gee, actually there is not really a real story. there will be no real story to tell here. cos though i assume blogging is something for you to share your feeling with the people u rarely met, or to say, never met, about what do you feel inside, we can't really do it, right? yeah, in life , there will be no fairness and no privacy. we will always be observe, if not by people, we are watched by HIM. The Mighty One. so,i'll onli share with you things that I think will not bring harm to others. have u heard proverbs saying that words can kill? hmm, well, u do now. quote especially by me. heheh.~

I talk, I write, whatever I think it's right and reasonable for me to give my opinions on something. ok, have u ever been in love? if u do, do u really feel that love? u know, the very- very tiny things that make u think that he or she loves u, or have special feeling for you. if u do, then u're considered very lucky. for girls, (not practicing gender inequality here) there are very hard to find a guy that love you for who you are. I mean, one that can really-really accept the good and bad u are. Because, they can always find other girl/women as we, ladies are many compared to their population. they can always think that, "what am i doing with only one girl n that girl is messing up my life while there are so many to choose out there?" hmm, it sounds cruel but that's the truth. agree ladies? or guys? Therefore, if u found one that love u truly, madly, deeply, please please keep him. dOn't u ever hurt his/ her feeling with something stupid. be considerable of his/her feeling. yeah, I'm talking from experience.

i have once hurting one's feeling for the sake of to be with other person. i don't feel guilty that time, yeah what a bad girl I am. being with him for a year, I learned many things. and we didn't last long. the relationship break over. without any reason. I'm sad but grateful at the same time. and u know, the first guy came again into my heart n made me strong. strong enough to think reasonably, strong enough to laugh again. he never complained. he never get angry with me, though he do now. hehe only when I did something very-very wrong. He helped me get through the hard time. he still is, now.

Guys, I'm feeling sort of sleepy. I think I better get some beauty sleep now. daaaa~