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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Happy is a word that describe people in the state of doing something enjoyable and fun, without having to worry of something else. Happy is a word that we often hope people to feel when we see someone for the first time. Happy is a word that often get someone unhappy to feel jealous. I love to see and make people feel happy. I tend to realize that I do and think of others much than i think about myself. I'm lying if i said i cared about all the people, since i don't really care much. I love to make sure people happy though i don't. i am so emotional, so unperfect, so egoistic. i admit it. Happy can suit me? Nah. whatever.


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

ape ko mrepek mlm2 ni cik nani? heheee
every1 deserve to be happy..no matter how dirty d reason wud be..hehh life is never fair rite..instead of letting others b happy of ur unhappiness, why dun make it vice versa? hee..

aku pn merepek gak mlm2 nih..hahaa

cikgu siti hazreen said...

kan bagus jika kita sentiasa happy...tp selain drp happy, kita mesti ade rasa geram, sedih dan sebagainya sbb kita ada perasaan :)