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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I dont know what title suit this..

After two weeks, I am finally able to see my laptop again. i dont know what to write cos there are so many things in my mind. sometimes people tend to misinterpret, sometimes people tend to ignore, i prefer the second. i cry when i feel loke crying, i stay calm when i feel tired of drowning in tears. peolpe does not have to know. i thought i can solve all the problems by myself, which is i know, i am a bit egoistic, but that is what i thought of myself. i can do anything if i want to. hmmm how to relate this to what i feel now? maybe i should get some sleep and all the problem will be gone when i wake up tomorrow. oh someone, please let it go out of my head! i'm sick of having to think, and then at the same time trying to cheer up though i hurt inside. well, no one knows. and what makes it worse, when people tend not to appreciate the effort i made, u know the effort of trying to draw a fake smile on my face so that people wont feel uncomfortable..but people are people. i can't expect them to behave the way i want them too. same to me, people can't make me behave the way they want me to if i am not willingly to behave that way. it just common in living in the society. we give and take. so now, i am at which sides? the give side or the take side? lol. what am i talking about? haha, me myself find it stuck and this get nonsense as it grows longer and longer. hahaha. such a bad writer i am. so, i think the idea of sleeping here is very-very good. I should sleep and get out of this problem.

Tomorrow, when i wake up, i hope to feel fresh and ready to revise for Leadership this monday. i hope to not to remember what people had saide to me and what things happened before i sleep. At least that my hope.

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