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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Alright, just now I was checking out Nuffnang Malaysia I terase gatal2 je hand n fingers ni..xtaw la nape..
I pn cepat2 aje clicked on the Nuffnang Premier Screening-Green Hornet. 
JUst wanna know what's inside. 
And here it goes the GA from Nuffnang! 
(well, this is my first time godek-godeking in Nuffnang and when I find this exciting contest n its very mouth-watering prizes)
I sepantas kilat nak la try n join sekali. Who know maybe I could be among the 70 lucky Nuffnangers, right? hehe..

So, what I need to do is to be creative by creating my own ways to protect world from all the burglars, murderers and other baddies lurking out there.
 Hehe, gotta need an imagination like J.K.Rowling then!


Breaking the Law to Protect It"

Luckily td in class, I learned about Utilitarianism theory, and I think theory ni leh di guna pakai seciput dua kt sini. heheh.
wanna know what is the theory is all about? 
It emphasizes on doing something wrong but can 
contribute something big for the greatest number of people..
Simple says, tak kisah la wlpn kite mencuri tp ats tujuan nk bg kt the poor,
 bnda tu dianggap baik juge. :D
cam cite Robin Hood tu. hehe. 
Stealing things to give to the poor. 
Kalu me rompak bank for the sake of helping one's in need, leh x? hehe
becoz, kalu sume org da ade cukup duit n facilities, xde la kejadian ragut, pickpockets, n etc, right?
heheh.. bleh? xleh eh...?me pn xberani lah.

Nak hapuskan jenayah besar2 tuh, kena stat yg ciput kecik2 ni dlu kan,,,btol x?
theft, sgt la susah nk stop them kan.. 
ape yg bleh me bt spya xde dah bnda2 camtu ialah JENG JENG JENG!
make sure me pandai skill2 yg diperlukan oleh superhero. 
Maybe how to be invisible, bullet proof, and saru lg leh tangkap penjenayah tu by clicking a button je. Leh je, it is impossible kan ngn teknologi skrg.
 Once I set my target (the criminals, I can cucuk sedatif ke ape2 lah ubat pelali dr jarak jauh, so that sng when the policemen came, they cannot run or move away anymore. Or as I already know where the crime happened,  I can just quickly press the emergency button so that the people can all come out and catch the criminal and then give them to the authority. 
and Superhero pn x la penat sgt kna lwn criminals sorg2 dia...heheh =))

Next, I want to strengthen our security system. 
No rasuah2 taking places. 
All parties doing the job well and everyone is helping in maintaining peace for the world.
 I guess, this is the hardest part. 
To change someone's attitude. 
But there must be something that we can do. 

Just accept the reality that if we really is having a SuperHero, well its a bonus for us, but if we don't, we, as a normal people must always work together and always reminding each other to maintain peace for the whole universe. 


kyox said...

mari kita semua support jay chou! eheheheheh

Me CiK HanAn VioLeT said...

heheh! oke2

E.d.Y said...

good luck yer...nak tiket gak..:p

Me CiK HanAn VioLeT said...

hahaha tima kasih edy.. try2 je, kalu dpt leh la join sy..hhehe

eqbalzack said...

abg eq tak join contest yg ni sebab jaduald ah semakin padat.. no time dah! hehe

Me CiK HanAn VioLeT said...

hahha biasela abg eq kan org ptg, mst la bz, hehe..hanan nk try luck je ni, tp cam hampeh je rs entry nih.. kalu terpilih luck la tu.. hehe