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Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Entry for TODAY!1st entry for TOMORROW!

I know i know it has been kind of late for me to write but still i'm here writing.. My friends are all has begin their own fantasy world,. what about AJL,guys? who has won the first trophy and back home as a winner? I'm asking because I don't get to watch it. huhu.. My boyfriend asked me out, and we only managed to watch until 5 performances before they tukar channel to sport! ugh!

Man U vs Liv i guess. I don't care who versus who cos I'm pissed off with that 5 guys! they wanted to watch the football! ugh,hate it! I wished they will blah soon, but they just sit there, and oh not really focusing on the football only talking with their friends., I felt like simbah je air kt muka dorang..huh!

as I arrived home, I asked my house mates who has won. its Ana Rafali with her song 'Tolong ingatkan aku'.. I used to love that song once, but in AJL, there are also many other songs that I loved now, then and forever..like 'Selamat Malam by Faizal Tahir', 'Drama King by Muh and Black'..I bet she's not really deserves the first prize. Though i didn't watch her perform but I knew there are many other singers that are wayy better than her and more deserved to win the title.. however, like sports, singing competition pn ade menang ade kalah kan..just accept the fact that she actually had won tonight. Congrats to her, btw..

Gudnight and have a good day tomorrow.


Alin Othman said...

setuju2.... ana rafali xpatot menang AJL..byk lg lagu2 laen yg lebih berkualiti.. :D