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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tun Mahathir The Musical

I’m glad to say that last night was my first time watching theatre in Istana Budaya. Ok, it may not be my first time as I have watched The Twelve Angry Men, but the hall was wayyyy smaller than last night. Well, I went there with all my housemates, in 1 car? Ha ha. Of course not, there are 7 of us plus my boyfriend and Lin’s boyfriend. 

I decided to go to IB with my loved ones as Arina’s car is already packed and jammed, u know if it’s include me. He he. Can you imagine that..? Poor la my friends kan.. so, I have to ask my boyfriend to pick me up at UM after I finished my Entrepreneurship class. The class is supposed to finish at 6 pm but Pn. Lala let us adjourn at 5.10 pm. I arrived there at almost 6.15 pm and I can tell that we might be the earliest been there! Ha ha. Well, punctuality is a must for us, teachers, right? LOL. Padahal ingat da ramai org mase tu.. Maklumla xbiase, so a bit awkward la di situ. He he. 

So, after solat and ate, we entered the hall. OMG! The hall was very big! It has three levels. Of course, the top floor will only cost you the cheapest that is rm32 but still you’ll be able to watch the theatre bright and clear. Aishh, ter over-reacted la plak ak ni kan.. so, ak pun pegi la cari tempat duduk.. haa, bukan kita yang cari sendiri taw..ade org escort beb cari seat tu. Gaya-gaya VIP je kanz.. Ha ha. 

Xde lah, sume org pn dpt layanan yg sama Cuma VVIP je masuk lewat sikit berbanding ngan org biasa cam saya ni. Ktorg awal2 lagi da kena masuk, kate org jage pintu “sape2 yang da ade tiket tu sile masuk yer, VVIP nak masuk pasni”..Hmm, yelah. Aku pn dengan obey nye enter the hall. Masuk-masuk tu kan, wahhh seat aku just in front of the VVIP, at the middle, simply say, I can see hundred percent the stage and everything around it! The view was so clear from where I sat.

As the show started, I was very excited. Focus to the show intently. Ok, I love the performance of Che Det mase kecik tu. That boy was very good and talented though sometimes I couldn’t hear him. Well, his voice was a bit soft, for me. But I liked it. Btw, he’s quite handsome! Oh, Syafeeq! Ha ha. Sure will have lots of female fan when he grows up. Hmm..Thank God, I’ve snap pictures with him. Pheeww! Later, senang la bile dia da femes nanti, I da xyah berebut2 da ngan org len.. He he. Ade sorang budak tu pn I suka gak. Sangat pandai berlakon, mcm expert da. He managed to grab all audiences to focus only on him. Such a big talent hope, it should not be wasted.

Then comes Ezany, Misha Omar nyer scenes. Alright alright I better stop now, but this show is very recommended for those who really really love Tun Dr. Mahathir. He was a very great leader. I know u’ll all agree with me. So, if you have time, go and watch it! The ending was extra extra meaningful, it even makes me cry! 

so, enjoy the pictures!

Housemates forever..
With the poster..

Touch up2 dulu...

Presenting Nizam..

With Kak Elly Mazlein, she's very sweet...


Ina said...

wah..i tak penah tengok teater...

Me CiK HanAn VioLeT said...

saya pn ni first time.. best!best!