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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Penat berjoget saya menulis...

Salam untuk semua pembaca dan penyinggah di blog saya... :) Terima kasih sgt saya ucapkan.
Hari saya agak sibuk kebelakangan ni..dengan simulated teaching, esei ethics, lesson plan maths n everything, cam xde masa nak menulis dan merapu dalam blog chantek ni..Hehe. Nak melawat untuk sekali sehari pn cam xcukup mase je..mesti u ol cakap, "cambez sgt je," haha, btol, mmg agak sibuk la mgu lpas..

So, sy ni bru siap berjoget moget atas DDR td.. Best giler, xpenah2 sy berpeluh mcm ni eventhough ngan treadmill..sgt best. n walapun lagu2 dia cam i xbape familiar tp ok la. Lame2 leh layan org kate..hehe.
Nanti sy citekan lg ek pasal DDR ni.. Kalu korg nak taw ngn lbh lanjut try la google, eh sy pn xtry lg..but try la..mst ade tu...

okeh, malam ni..sy nak g pasar mlm ditemani my bf, very sweet, jauh2 dtg nk temankan sy g pasar malam..hehe. Thanks hunny bunny!hehehe..

See u soon!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Coretan di Petang Hari

Before I begin my rapu-rapu this very nice evening, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese in Malaysia and all around the world. Hope this year will bring you more prosperity and fine health.

Hehe. I wish I could see the sun set this evening. Will be more meaningful if I can watch it with my love, Mohd Hafiz Salman. But it's okay, my heart is always with him. Whenever I go, I bring him together with me. (huh?) Not bring him like dukung-dukung or something, just a metaphor. Hehe. Suddenly I've become poetic. I miss him actually. Huhu. I knew he misses me too, right dear? wah, tergedik pulak. ouch! ngeh. ngeh.

Alright, so..how are you, guys? Fine? Got a fever? Hmm, better see the doctor ASAP. (concern look neh!).
Yesterday, my housemate and I went to pay our rent to Aida, the owner of the house we lived in now. Pergh! Once I withdrew that certain amount of money from the bank, suddenly I felt sad. Huhu. My money has become less and less day by day. Could you guess how much is the rent for my house? 500? 1K? No matter la how much is the rent, but the fact is I depend totally on my allowance to pay for the rent. Well, I regard that as my responsibility. I want to stay in a secure, nice place, you got to pay for that. I guess that is what my parent feel when they have to give lots of money to pay for my siblings need. Nothing is free. Every advert that says that you don't need to pay anything to have their stuff is totally BULLSHIT. Do u agree with me?

Ones who was born in a rich and harmony family should be thankful and blessed. They don't have to worry about all the financial thingy, well, their mums and dads can pay for everything they asked for. Well, if I was in their 'shoes', I would feel the same too. I didn't envy them, just telling the truth. And the creative ones. Though they was born poor and not loaded with money, but they can think of a way to find money, by how? Using their creativity skill, of course! Photographer, Bundle buddy, Online shops, anything that they could think of to find extra money. Me? Creative? Hahaha. Macam kata umi saye la, saya ni "xdok patak siput"..."patak siput tu means you don't really have art talent in you. Haha. Buta seni la gitu.

Haha, okay, actually, I want to ask a favor from my readers. Nak mintak tolong sket ni... Hehe. Xberat pn..
Please tell me how can I spend my 4 months holiday while earning some pocket money?


Tolong la bagi idea, pendapat korang camane saya bleh luangkan masa cuti 4 bulan saya ni n dpt duit dalam masa yang sama?

Hehe. Sesape yang bagi idea paling cun, ade hadiah menanti taw...