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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I have NO IDEA!

My lecturer's last plead was do not talk when he's giving lectures. 
Yup. He pleads!
I don't know why but this semester..
 it seems like everybody has been talking and talking and talking. 
In the classroom, at the cafe, at the surau, while waiting for the lecturer to come to the lecture room. 
We were talking, at some times I don't really get any ideas on what were things that really interest and keep them to talk. 
Its like just a teeny weeny things only make them excited. For Nothing! 
It irritates the lecturers and me as well. 
It's not that I'm all against talking in the classroom but IT SHOULD depend on times and places, too.
We should have some respect over our lecturers, right?
Hmm, last time was Dr. Patty, En. Razak, Miss Ngeow, and now Sir Norjo.

We can't talk when the lecturers are giving lecture, right? 

How many of you are really follow that rule?

Pssttt Psstt: Thanks kat sume2 yang bace n sudi tinggalkan komen kat post2 saya.. Sayang Kamu! 


kyox said...

agreeeeeeeeeeee~~~~kalao bosan senyap sudah, xpaham pun senyap sudah~~~nanti karma kena balik, murid korang bising baru tau~~kan kan kan?

Me CiK HanAn VioLeT said...

hahahahh~~ padahal ak kate kt diri ak sendiri...tp seyes mase norjo better tdo kalu xmo dgr dia bebel..haha! kalu x, nak sarcastic jerr keje dia~~