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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Facebook is so slow like hell. I dont know why, many said that fb is gonna close soon. Hmm, I don't know for what reason, n not having any interest to know too. I guess I have to find another way out. You know, I'm sure many will feel the lost of Facebook (if it really is shutting down!), it has been so close, so dear to us. To me, my friends, even friends that I have not met for once. 

My old schoolmates, in primary, secondary. Facebook has keep many of us together again. Things are more easier with it. Basically, our life has becoming simpler with the existence of Facebook. I don't know who to thank of. Erm.. Mark Zuckerberg maybe. 

Oh wait.. I don't know why I'm writing this, but this matter has come to my mind just now. My brain haven't processed anything, so I don't know what to write, therefore, I don't have any posts. 

I guess, I better stop now before I rambled. See u soon.