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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bye-bye UM, Welcome Sk Kelana Jaya 2

My brains have been worrying a lot about going to practicum. Ah! Most of my friend have met their supervisors, Emma met hers today at IOI Mall.. haha diva sgt kan tpt meeting nye.. I haven't met mine. Mine is En.Hamidi, many of my friends have the experience learning with him, and their feedback was all awesome and less- stressing. So, all I can say is I'm relieved to hear that. I'll be attending the 3 months practicum with my so-called boyfriend, Yusree.. bukan Yusri KRU tu ye..haha. So far, I've been informed about which class I should take over, which topic should be teach, how many pupils in that class. Ramai dow dak2 kelas aku.. 40 org! huhu. Right now, I'm so nervous just the thought of that taw.. maklumla never been teaching a real classroom and be observed with a class of 40 pupils.. So mmg sgt neves n takut sgt2! Tp tu la.. Any how, I have to go on, try to do what I can, and berserah je la kan.

Nanti my days will be busy with LP, teaching aids, preparing worksheets n everything da la kan... There goes one of my freedom. Mst mase tido ak makin kurang nti...ah, leceh la! haha. tp camane pon, I have to coz I'm going to be a teacher one day. I have to practice and practice harder before I'll be posting to the school later on. nanti xla tu xtaw, ni xtaw kan.. hehe. Cuma skrg ak kena sharpen up my interpersonal skill la.. Nak deal ngn cikgu2 kt sekolah tu, ngn dak2 kt situ lg.. Uishh, payah jugak tu.. Haruslah kena humble selalu. Mtk tlg, budak baru la katekan..hehe.

Ok, enuf la pasal sekolah. The more I said, the more worried I'll be. So let just be. Starting from today, I will no longer be going to UM, attend classes, lectures, do assignments, and everything related. Best in that part, but the sad part is it will be so difficult to meet with my girls, and friends. No more gossiping time at Dataran C, kt kafe sambil makan cendol mamak tu, laughing at people.. Huhu. Bye-bye UM. Gonna miss all my friends a.k.a my big numbers of siblings! Guys, take care and enjoy being at school..

I gotta stop here. Thanks for those who willing to read my ramble of feelings. Till then, see you again. ;)

Bisik2 halus: Bleh ke aku ni jadi cikgu? teeett.


.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wahhh... good evening teacher
gud luck dear ^^